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Consequently is the second episode in Season 1 of The Fosters. It aired on June 10, 2013. This episode was written by Bradley Bredeweg & Peter Paige and was directed by Timothy Busfield.


Lena and Stef decide to let Brandon off the hook for running off with Callie to rescue Jude, but Mike disagrees and tensions flare. Brandon ends up grounded, but he makes plans to sneak away to see Talya while her parents are out of town. Jesus stops taking his medication to cover for his twin sister and the pills she stole, but he becomes easily agitated and gets into a fight with another kid at school. When a student is discovered with the pills, Callie becomes an instant suspect, and Mariana struggles with her mounting guilt over letting someone else take the fall for her actions. Meanwhile, a secret romance blossoms between Jesus and Mariana's best friend, Lexi. The Fosters make arrangements at home to ensure that Callie and Jude are more comfortable, but sharing their space may prove difficult for the Foster teens.


Jesus pills

In the beginning of the episode, Stef talks to Brandon about her disappointment towards his actions after going with Callie to her foster father's house - indicating how dangerous it was. Brandon apologizes and realizes his actions, and Stef and Lena decide to not punish him and allow him to learn from his mistakes. Jesus doesn't take his pills in the morning so he could try to cover for Mariana. Meanwhile, Stef and Lena try to converse about what they should

Stev and Lana discuss about Callie and Jude

do about Callie and Jude and they have to make their decision. After Lena tries to introduce Jude to his new school, one of the teachers shows Lena a note about pills in school. This causes the police to arrive to investigate who has drugs in the school and this scares Mariana. When Stef reveals to Mike that she decided not to punish Brandon, he is angered by this and thinks that it should go the other way around. In addition, he feels as if Stef should have told him about it first. Brandon's girlfriend, Talya, sparks jealousy as she sees the interaction Brandon has with Callie, and they both agree to go on a date with each other.

Jesus with Lexi and her unknown ex

Jesus gets into a physical altercation with Lexi's boyfriend, who calls her a "bitch". After getting held back, he is sent to Lena's office where he lies and says that he took his pills. Lena lets him free, but he is angered at Mariana because she's risking his health for her sake.  However, Brandon's plans are ruined, after Lena and Mike share a

Mike, Lena, and Stef discuss about Brandon

disagreement with each other on how/if Brandon should be punished, and Lena becomes offended by Stef as she believes that she was taking his side and agreeing with his suggestion. When Mike grounds Brandon, he becomes infuriated and tells him off by explaining that he has never been there for him as much, and wants to know who he should take orders from. Stef demands Brandon to apologize to him by phone.

Lena and Stef reveal their plan for Callie and Jude

Later on, Stef and Lena reveal their decision on the future with Jude and Callie - they won't be there for as long, only until Bill finds a permanent home for the two, and it is unknown how long it will take, until then Jude will sleep in Jesus' room and Callie will sleep in Mariana's room, much to her dismay. Later on, Lexi thanks Jesus for defending her, although she thinks that it was too much. Jesus kisses her, and they exchange longing glances as Mariana ends their romantic moment.

Lena and Stef want a talk with Callie

Callie is blamed for Mariana's troubles as Lena catches one of Mariana's friends, Kelsey, using drugs from Jesus. Kelsey blames Callie for taking Jesus' pills and selling it to them. Callie knows it wasn't her, and Mariana has difficulties telling them the truth because she feels as if they will hate her forever. She asks Jesus to be there for her when she tells the truth, but Jesus decides to be the scapegoat and take the blame for Mariana. Stef and Lena apologize to Callie.

Callie and Brandon practicing together

Towards the end of the episode, Brandon decides to give Callie the guitar that he saved and bought with his own money after Callie told him about her mother. Brandon also teaches Callie how to play the guitar. Brandon lies to his girlfriend, Talya and says that "he can't get out of the house" to help Callie practice playing the guitar. This hints that Brandon may like Callie more than just a foster sister.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Reiley McClendon as Vico Cerar
  • Anna Akana as Lily
  • Kevin Brief as Head Security Guard

Featured Music

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  • Long Walk Back by The Rifles (Callie visits her brother at school.)
  • Everything's Lookin Up by Sugar & The Hi Lows (Mariana & her friends talk about Callie during lunch.)
  • Rain On Me by The Gods Of Macho (Mariana tells Jesus not to skip taking his pills.)
  • Your Eyes by Tyler Blackburn (This song is heard when security guards search lockers.)




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