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I'm really sorry that I hurt you when I moved to LA. I just had to get away from my dad. I just wish we hadn't broken-up the way we did.
— Connor to Jude in "Klompendansen"

Connor Stevens is a recurring character in the Freeform series, The Fosters and a guest character in its spin-off Good Trouble.

Connor is Jude's childhood best friend, later becoming his love interest and first boyfriend. His home life grew toxic after he came out as gay to his father, Adam Stevens, forcing Connor to move in with his mother in LA. Connor returned years later, after a chance encounter reunites him with Jude.


Connor was Jude's best friend in middle-school school, being the only person willing to talk to Jude as he was the new kid and a foster child. In The Fallout, Connor asks Jude to be his class partner during a school project and joins him at his house to work on it.

While working on the project, he learns a bit about Jude's life as a foster child. While there, Connor also notes how Jude is never rude, even to people who mistreat and bully him. As the two become close, he is pressured by his homophobic father to end his friendship with Jude. Despite wanting to maintain a friendship with his best friend, he isn't able to stand up to his father and complies.

After one to many rants on how he isn't good enough, Connor snaps in Not That Kind of Girl and comes out to his father as gay. This results in Adam briefly banning Jude seeing Connor, believing Jude is responsible for Connor sneaking out and identifying himself as gay. Afterwards, Lena forces Adam to see that keeping the boys apart isn't going to change Connor's sexuality and that he can only learn to accept his son. In The End of the Beginning, Connor and Jude are reunited and begin a relationship.

Connor begins to adapt to identifying as gay. He is shown to be open about his sexuality and easily accepting of himself since coming out to his father. His relationship with his father is shown to still be struggling, often hurt by his dad's negative opinion about him being gay. Despite this, he understands that he means well. His relationship with Jude is strained when Jude makes the request to keep their relationship private and hesitates to label himself gay. This confuses Connor and makes him doubt his relationship with Jude. However, Jude eventually comes to accept his sexuality and labels himself gay, making Connor more comfortable with the relationship.

Despite Adam's best efforts, Connor is unable to cope with his father still being not accepting of him being gay following his bad reaction when walking in on him making out with Jude. Following this, Connor considers moving in with his mother in Los Angeles instead, asking his dad to simply let him go. Jude ultimately supports Connor's choice and he and Connor profess their love for each other, promising they can make a long-distance relationship work as LA isn't that far away. This promise is futile and their relationship fizzles out due to Connor making a new life in LA that Jude doesn't fit into anymore.

Physical Appearance

Connor is a tall, handsome young boy with hazel eyes, slightly sun-kissed skin, and short dark blonde hair. During the first season, he had a lean body. However, he becomes more muscular as he develops and grows. 

The Fosters

Season 1


Jude mentions to Callie after school that he met a boy named Connor, who was nice to him, and introduced him to the book A Wrinkle in Time.

The Morning After

Connor talking to Jude in school.

Connor and Jude are seen talking in the hallway after class about fishing. When Connor leaves to get his textbook in the classroom they were just in, Jude gets picked on by Blake and Jeremy, two classmates, about wearing blue nail polish. Connor walks out of the classroom and sees the scene, but is hesitant to help him out. However, when Jude is shoved against the lockers, Connor begins to step forward to intervene before a teacher sees and helps Jude out instead. He and Jude share a look before Jude walks off.

Connor proudly showing his blue nail polish to Jude.

Later, Jude is sitting alone at lunch when Connor comes and sits down next to him. While eating his sandwich, Connor and Jude looked at each other and Jude notices that Connor is wearing blue nail polish as well. Connor smiles proudly at him, which Jude returns.

The Fallout

Connor is at school when the class is given a project and required to choose a partner. He asks Jude if he wants to be partners, which Jude accepts. He then asks if he can come over to Jude's house for their school project, since his mother doesn't like having kids around, and Jude agrees.

Connor inviting Jude to be his lab partner.

The next day, with all the Lexi missing drama, Lena forgot Connor was coming over. As he comes in, Jude runs down the stairs and greets Connor. Connor says "Hey, Jude!", to which Lena makes a comment about the Beatles. In response, Connor makes a confused expression, to which Jude explains that the Beatles are "a band that old people like." Lena temporarily takes this to heart but shrugs it off. Connor and Jude then run upstairs to go work on their project.

While upstairs, Connor is going on about a Football player and why they shouldn't have let him go, after seeing a Jersey (thinking its Jude's when it's Jesus's), he asks Jude who's his favorite player. Jude doesn't know what to say, he doesn't own Jersey nor watches Football. He admits to Connor that the jersey is Jesus's. Connor then sees Jesus's skateboard and asks if he skateboards. Jude tells him almost everything in the room is Jesus's and shows him his little few things that he has a result of being in the foster system for so long. Connor seems surprised as Jude tells him when he moves around a lot, things get lost or stolen. Connor tries to make him feel better by saying another student is a jerk for always going on about everything he has, but Jude doesn't reply. Connor asks him why he doesn't say anything bad about anybody, even the people who bully him. Jude tells him how he doesn't see a point in it.

Jude telling Connor a bit about his past.

While working on the DNA project, Jude asks Connor if he can show him something. He grabs a keychain and a pocket knife with his real dads' initials carved on it. He tells him it doesn't work anymore, but he loved the fact that his dad carried it around with him and it's basically the only thing he has left of him. Connor asks where his dad is currently. Jude tells him he's in jail but then makes up a lie, that his dad WAS in jail, but he's out, made a lot of money, and lives on an island. Connor seems skeptical of this, but as Jude goes on the lie gets worse. He then asks Jude why he's lying. Jude denies this, but Connor tells him that he doesn't need to lie, making Jude embarrassed. Connor quickly changes the subject and pulls out his PSP, asking Jude if he would like to play the game. As Jude becomes excited while playing it, Connor smiles.

Connor giving Jude his PSP.

After they work on the project, Connor's mom comes to pick Connor up and Jude tells Stef and Lena he's leaving. Stef volunteers to walk Connor out, but Jude says he'll do it. As he's walking Connor to the door, Connor gives Jude his PSP. Jude tells him that he can't keep something so expensive, but Connor tells him that he wants him to have it and leaves the house. His gift leaves Jude smiling at his growing friendship with Connor.


It is mentioned by Callie that Jude and Connor are having a sleepover together. Jude leaves once he hears about Stef's shooting in order to be with the rest of his family. Not wanting to wake Connor or his parents up, Jude leaves a note for Connor to find explaining where he went.

Things Unsaid

Connor tells Jude at lunch about a movie that is supposed to be really cool and invites him to go see it. However, Jude turns down the invite. Connor then tells him to let him know if he changes his mind about it. As they throw their lunch away, Jude asks Connor if he can have his uneaten food, and Connor gives it to him.

Connor with Jude during the funeral.


Jude invites Connor over to the house during a personal family funeral and honor of Stef's father's life. While there, Connor, Jude, and Mariana experiment with an Ouija board. Jude and Connor exchange weird looks when Mariana asks the Ouija board if she is ever going to have a boyfriend to act as a "test question". After she leaves, Connor and Jude try it themselves. Jude asks if his mother's spirit was there. After receiving an affirmation, Jude asks if the Fosters could adopt him and the board answers yes. Connor smiles at Jude, who is clearly happy.

Us Against The World

Jude and Connor attempting to decipher Callie's message.

Connor and Jude are having lunch when Jude is delivered cupcakes with the words "was" and "in" written on them. When Connor asks why he was given cupcakes, Jude tells him how the next day is his birthday. Connor asks how "a cupcake delivery girl knows before he did", to which Jude voices his doubts that's her actual job. Jude tells him how his mother gave birth to him at home and how the paperwork messed up his birth date by several weeks. As a result, when he and Callie went into the system, they never told anyone about it. After Connor asks if they can eat the cupcakes, Jude tells him that Callie is likely trying to send him some type of message and that the treats are part of it. Connor then takes a photo of the cupcakes on his phone and asks if they can eat them now. Jude says sure and they begin eating the treats.

At the Foster house, Jude and Connor begin to find more gifts with the words "Anxiety", "At", and "End".Connor gives an unsuccessful attempt at deciphering the message.


It is told that Jude is having dinner at Connor's house when Callie asks where he is.

Adoption Day

Jude and Connor are at the house playing video games. Mariana then comes in and hands Jude the phone, saying someone wants to

Connor as he hears a girl has called Jude.

talk to him. As Jude walks away, Mariana reveals to Connor how the caller is a girl and asks who he thinks it may be. Connor doesn't answer.

Once Jude is back, Connor asks Jude who his caller was. Jude explains it was their classmate Maddie and how she asked him to the movies. Connor asks what he said and Jude says he would ask his moms first before letting her know in school the following day. Connor then asks him if he likes her. Jude waits for a moment, before answering that he doesn't in "that" way. Upon hearing this, Connor asks him if he is sure and Jude says yes. He then asks Jude if it is alright if he asked her out. Jude is quiet for a moment before saying yes. Jude then glances away as Connor looks at him.

Connor clapping at Jude's adoption.

At school, Maddie runs up to Jude before class and asks if he can go to the movies with her. Jude says yes. Connor sees the whole thing a few feet away and confronts him afterward, reminding him that he said he could ask Maddie out. Jude says that he changed his mind, but Connor thinks the only reason Jude is interested in Maddie all of a sudden is that he told Jude that he himself was. Jude explains that isn't the case and either way it doesn't matter because she doesn't like Connor - she likes him. Connor angrily blows him off and tells him that he won't come to his adoption since it's only for good friends. Clearly, according to Connor, they aren't that.

Despite their argument, Connor shows up to Jude's adoption, after all, making Jude happy. Jude begins to apologize for the Maddie thing and begins to say if Connor likes her then he should have a fair chance with her, but Connor waves it off. He suggests to Jude that they all can go for a friendly outing together sometime. Later in the episode, Connor can be seen smiling and clapping during Jude's official adoption and having a good time at the Fosters house during the post-adoption celebration.

Season 2

Take Me Out

Connor, at the batting cages, while being criticized by his dad.

Jude reveals how Connor and his dad, Adam Stevens, invited him out to the batting cages. Once there, Connor is repeatedly criticized by his father during his batting practice. Jude hears all of this. Afterward, Jude compliments Connor on his batting skills by saying he thought he did way better than he did. However, Connor replies that he is supposed to be good. Sympathetic, Jude pats him on his back. Unknown to the both of them, Adam watches Jude's gesture nearby in speculation.

Connor as Jude asks him how he'd feel if he was gay.

The next day at school, Jude approaches Connor at his locker, excitedly saying how he bought a new video game and asks if Connor can come over to his house to play it with him. Connor quietly says he that can't come over. Jude suggests the following weekend instead, but Connor tells him that he can't come over to Jude's house anymore at all, period because his dad will no longer allow it.

Surprised, Jude asks why. Connor hesitates to answer him, but Jude tells him to just say it. Connor tells him how his dad believes Jude to be gay and, hence, doesn't want Connor over at his house anymore. He tells Jude that he knows he isn't gay, but he has to do what his dad says. Jude takes the information in before asking him if he was, what would Connor think of the situation. Connor appears confused by his question, and Jude tells him if he was, in fact, gay would Connor not want to come over to his house anymore. Connor answers in silence.


Connor as Jude tells him he won't be his secret.

Connor catches up with Jude in the hallways and asks where he was at lunch since he was looking for him. However, Jude ignores him. Connor then asks if it was about what his dad said. He then says he doesn't care if Jude is gay before questioning Jude if he is gay. Connor says all this without using the word "gay". Jude turns around at him and tells him he can say the word "gay" because it isn't a bad word. Jude then asks why he has to be anything and why everyone feels the need to put labels on other people. Connor agrees with him and apologizes. Jude asks about his dad since Adam doesn't want them hanging out anymore. Connor insists that his dad doesn't need to know about them hanging out. Jude tells him that he isn't going to be anyone's secret and walks away from a quiet Connor.

Connor with Jude and the girls during spin the bottle.

At the Foster party, Connor arrives and asks Wyatt where Jude is. He then walks into Jude's room to see Maddie and Chelsea with him. Jude asks why he was there and Connor says he told his dad he wanted to come over. When Jude brings up what his dad had to say, Connor smiles and says he didn't care what his father had to say. During a game of Spin the Bottle, Connor is picked first to kiss Maddie. Maddie gives him a quick kiss to which Connor appears disappointed.

Connor about to kiss Jude during Spin the Bottle.

Later, Connor kisses Chelsea after he is picked to do so in the game. It is then Connor's turn to spin the bottle and he does, landing on Jude for him to kiss. Both boys are equally surprised and Connor asks if it's an option that they don't have to kiss. Chelsea, unfazed by the situation, says the rules are the rules. After a moment, Connor accepts. However, Jude immediately says "No" and calls the entire game dumb and that they should just stop. Connor insists it's fine and for them to just do it. The two begin to lean in just before Callie bursts through the door, telling Connor that his dad is there looking for him. Connor begins to panic, insisting he can't find him there. Jude asks why. Connor admits that he snuck out of his house. Callie and Mariana then help Connor sneak past Adam as he searches for Connor in Jude's room while Jude, Maddie, and Chelsea distract him.

Say Something

Connor apologizing to Jude for lying to him.

He hesitantly approaches Jude at his locker, apologizing about what happened at the party and for lying to him. When Jude doesn't say anything, he adds on how he just didn't want to hurt his feelings and that it wouldn't matter even if he did stand up to his dad because he doesn't have a say in anything. Jude doesn't answer him, having gone mute recently, and just walks away from him. In class, Connor watches Jude as he continues to stay silent even when a teacher calls on him to answer a question.

Truth Be Told

He approaches Lena in her office, asking to speak with her. She asks if he is okay, and he says things are not really alright. He sits down and asks what else he can do in order to help Jude other than making sure that other classmates don't make fun of him. Lena asks if they are doing just that, and he says they don't in front of him. Lena thanks him for his effort in being a good friend and looking out for Jude. Despite this, Connor looks down with a sad expression. She asks him if something happened.

Lena telling Connor he isn't to blame for Jude's muteness.

Connor then explains the situation with his dad to her, saying how his dad believes Jude is gay and doesn't want him around Jude anymore. Lena asks if his father said this directly to Jude. Connor tells her that his dad didn't tell Jude what he thought, but that he told Jude what his dad said himself. He says how he couldn't stand up to his dad and thinks it really hurt Jude's feelings. He begins to cry as he says he's sorry and how he just wishes Jude would talk to him again.

Getting up from her chair, she sits next to him and re-assures him everything is fine and that he isn't his father and Jude knows this. She says how Jude will speak to him again and that they just need to give him some space to "figure out all the stuff [he] is feeling inside". Connor asks if Jude going mute isn't truly his fault. Lena tells him it isn't.

Girls Reunited

While it is not mentioned or seen, it is later revealed how he and Jude attended a school camping trip together. They also shared a tent together at Connor's idea, despite Jude reminding him about his father, unsupervised. This, all of which, is unknown to his father.

Someone's Little Sister

Jude mentions how Connor can be kind of needy when Mariana mentions how Hayley can be really needy when it comes to boys to prove how not just girls can be like that. Jude later comes to Lena's office to talk about Connor. He believes Connor may be abused by his dad, not wanting to talk to him about how he got a black eye.

Connor in the office when his black eye is reported to Lena.

After a private meeting is called with him and his dad with Lena and the new principal, Connor is asked by his dad if he told them he hit him. Connor says he didn't. His dad says how Connor ran into a door when trying to avoid getting spanked by him. Connor backs up the story. Lena excuses Connor from the room to talk with his dad privately. During this, his father expresses anger towards Lena for allowing Connor to share a tent with Jude on a school camping trip without his permission.

In the hallways, Connor tells Jude how he should have just asked him what happened. Jude says he did, but that he refused to talk about it. He says how he didn't want to tell him how his dad still spanks him at his age. Jude apologizes and says how he knows what it's like to be hit and feel like you have no one to tell about it. Connor then asks Jude if he told his mom about what they did in the tent together. Awkwardly glancing back and forth at each other, Jude assures him that he didn't. Connor looks at him for a moment in relief, but still clearly deep in thought, before glancing away.

Connor asking Jude if he told anyone "what they did".

Over Under

Connor is seen at his locker going through his books when Jude sees him but ignores him as he goes to his locker. As Connor closes his locker, he looks behind him and sees Jude. He slowly approaches him and says hi. Jude ignores him and Connor tells him that he doesn't have to avoid him because he isn't mad. Jude reminds him that he was the other day. Connor says he's over it and he just has to stop telling his moms everything. Jude gazes around awkwardly before continuing to put his books away in his locker. Connor is quiet for a moment before he asks if his mother really quit her job as vice principal because of his father. Realizing he’s right, he asks if she’s okay. Jude says she is and then asks if they were “okay”. Connor smiles and says yes. Jude smiles before the two walked down the hallway together, switching to talking about a science assignment.

Connor and Jude as he explains what happened on the school camping trip.

During a meeting called by Lena at school, Connor is sitting next to Jude as he is asked to tell Connor’s father what he told Lena regarding the tent incident during the school camping trip. Jude explains how after bed check, they invited two girls into their tent and they played a few games. He then says how he and Connor ended up making out with them. He begins to say something else, causing Connor’s father to press for more details, but Jude waves it off while casting a quick glance at a clearly alarmed Connor. Connor's dad appears relaxed, insisting he isn't a homophobe but is just worried about his son being well supervised like he is supposed to be.

As his dad also laments on how he just wants Connor "to be a kid" and not grow up so fast, while acknowledging that he is, Connor seems slightly distracted. His dad also admits that while he is too old to be spanked, which shall end, he is still grounded. After some reassurance that there is going to be better supervision regarding future trips with the students, Connor and Jude are dismissed.

Connor mad at Jude for supposedly telling his mother what happened between them.

Walking outside, Jude comments how it’s good his father isn’t being hard on him anymore, but Connor is furious that he told his mother about what happened in the tent. Jude begins to say something to him, but Connor cuts him off by saying that he “can’t be friends with a little bitch who tells his mom every time something happens”. He storms off as a stunned Jude stands there watching him.

Light of Day

In class, Connor tells Jude that he wants to switch lab partners for his recent new girlfriend, Daria. Though clearly hurt, Jude agrees. Jude teams up with Daria's best friend, Taylor, who comments on how it sucks being "sexiled" when your best friend ditches you for their "new boo". Jude inquires as to how long Daria and Connor have been together, to which she answers "like 5 minutes ago", but are, according to Daria, really close. Jude nods, visibly upset, as he watches Connor and Daria laugh while doing their assignment.

Daria convincing everyone to go on a group date.

During lunch, Connor is having lunch with Daria and Taylor. Daria soon notices Jude and invites him to join them for lunch. When Jude appears to be hesitant, Connor smiles at him, bringing him to accept. Daria soon convinces everyone to attend a new movie as a double date and leaves to go to the bathroom with Taylor, leaving Jude and Connor alone. Jude offers to come up with an excuse not to go, but Connor says it's fine. Jude asks him if Daria is his girlfriend, to which Connor answers with an, "I guess". Jude says how he didn't know that he liked her. Connor simply remarks that Daria is hot before asking Jude if he liked Taylor. Jude says sure since she's nice. He tries to make lighthearted conversation with Jude, saying how they'll likely be the only guys in the theater, who smiles brightly. After a moment, the two eat in silence.

Connor smiling as he holds hands with Jude.

At the theater, Daria decides the group should sit in the back row. While Daria takes the end seat, Connor and Jude end up sitting side by side, and Connor puts down the armrest between them. During the movie, Jude and Connor end up sharing the armrest with their arms side by side. Connor soon notices their hands close together and slides his pinkie finger and brushes it against Jude's, shocking him. Jude doesn't pull away, however, and the two spend a moment rubbing their fingers against each other. After a clearly emotionally exhilarating moment for both of them, Connor hooks his finger with Jude's - locking pinkies together. Connor smiles happily to himself as Jude stares forward nervously.

Now Hear This

Connor making out with Daria.

Connor makes out with Daria during lunch while a jealous Jude and annoyed Taylor watch. Taylor , fed up with the couple's make out, interrupts them with the question if they would like to go on as a group to the fair before it closes. Daria reveals that she and Connor already have plans to go to the pier, but insists Jude and Taylor go together by themselves. Connor cuts this suggestion off and says the fair sounds like a fun idea, causing Daria to look at him confused. Jude says he can't since he has family plans all weekend, explaining they are going camping. Connor brings up how they just got back from a camping trip, but Jude says they're going again and leaves.

Later, Jude comes by to see Lena after school lets out to head home. She reveals they'll have some company for the weekend - and Jude turns to see Connor on the couch. Lena explains that Mr. Stevens called and asked for him to stay for a bit since he's going to be out of town due to a cancelled flight. As Lena leaves to drop something off, Connor remarks to Jude, "What happened to your family camping trip?" He then walks ahead of an awkwardly speechless Jude.

Connor playing a video game with Jude during his night at the Fosters.

During dinner, Lena tries invite Connor into the family dinner conversation by bringing up how long it's been since he's been over, Jesus makes a comment about Jude and Connor going to the back of house and "pretend to be camping". Lena, Stef and Jude stare up awkwardly as Connor waves this off. Later on, Connor borrows some of Jesus' clothes and joins Jude, who is playing a Star Wars game on his tablet, in his room alone. Connor comments on how Jesus doesn't seem happy about him spending the night, which Jude waves off. Jude asks him if he still plans on going the pier with Daria and Connor says no given his dad's absence and is supposed to stay there until he picks him up. He asks Jude if that's okay with him and Jude says sure. The two soon break the awkward tension as Connor gives Jude tips on winning his tablet game, joining him side by side on the bed.

Connor sharing a moment with Jude.

The next day, the two play catch and have fun together. Their game of catch soon turns into a playful round of wrestling, which results with Connor pinning Jude to the ground on top of him. They share a moment staring at each other until the moment is cut off by Connor's cell phone signaling a text message. He reveals Daria text messaged him if he wanted to come over to her house. Jude asks him if he does, to which he remarks what else he could do. Hurt, Jude tells him to go if he wants to. Connor tries insisting that he can stay, but Jude blows him off and leaves in a huff.

Connor kissing Jude.

Some time later, Connor comes back into Jude's room, telling him he turned Daria down. Jude remarks how it isn't nice to lead people on. Connor says he isn't and tries to make light of the situation, smacking on Jude's foot. Jude ends up kicking him in the stomach a bit harder then intended. He frantically apologizes for kicking him so hard, and Connor asks why he kicked him at all. It is then revealed that Jude had lied about what happened in the tent - what really happened is that Connor kissed him. Jude reminds him of this and then brings up how during the movie theater he had held his hand and how he's been acting toward him. He declares how he doesn't get their relationship and doesn't understand him anymore. Staring at him, Connor leans forward and kisses him. Jude returns the kiss and, afterwards, the two lean back and stare at each other.

Justify the Means

Connor asking Jude if he wants to hang out after school.

Connor meets up with Jude at school. Jude asks him for gum, explaining how he didn't get to brush his teeth that morning. Connor tells him to exhale, which Jude reluctantly does. After joking that he seriously needs some gum, he asks Jude if wants to hang out after school. They make plans to meet up at the bench after school. As Jude later goes to the bench after school, he is short of it when seeing Connor and Daria kissing on the bench themselves, kissing, and stops clearly hurt. Connor turns around and sees him, waving at him. He walks up to Jude, asking if he's ready and Jude nods.

During studying at the Foster house, Jude finally confronts him about his relationship with Daria. Connor looks up, nervous, and asks what he means. Jude asks if he is going to continue seeing her. Connor explains how his father is finally okay with him spending time with him again now that he has a girlfriend and he can do so without any problems. After a moment, he then brings up how Daria and Taylor are sneaking out that night to TP a girl's house and want them to tag along. Jesus then kicks him out of the room for personal alone time and, eventually, the two are kicked out of the house room by room when the other Foster family members begin occupying them by doing their own things.

Connor telling Jude his father is okay with them now that he has a girlfriend.

As they go onto the front porch, Jude remarks in annoyance how there is nowhere to be alone in the house. Connor then offers that if they sneak out with the girls after teepeeing, that they can spend time together afterwards by themselves and raises his eyebrows and gestures in double meaning. On the dated night, Connor is with the girls and waiting for Jude. When he finally arrives, he is clearly happy to see him. The group teepee the girl's house and they all have fun, taking off before getting caught by the family.

After the group "breaks into" Taylor's house, Connor participates in drinking.

Afterwards, he and Daria shortly go off together and arrive back on the scene to Taylor and Jude, who gets up and says he should head back home. Connor tries subtly bringing up their plans for later on, but Jude bluntly says "[they] aren't", much to his disappointment. However, Taylor brings up how her father has "tons of booze" and proposes that they break in and steal some. She also suggests to the group that they all "get drunk and make out" before looking at Jude and gestures her head to Connor, who is grinning at him. They then sneak into Taylor's house, as Jude tells Connor this is a bad idea, and head inside.

Despite Jude's attempted discouragement, Connor ends up taking a swig from a bottle of whiskey gotten from the girls from the house bar. Handing the bottle to Jude, he reluctantly takes a swig as well. As he does so, Taylor's dad hears the noise and shouts out, causing Jude to drop the bottle and shattering it. The kids try to flee from the house, only for her father to run out from the bedroom and shoot at them.

Not That Kind of Girl

Connor coming out to his dad.

It's revealed that Connor got shot, but in the foot and the injury is neither serious or permanent. Mr. Stevens harshly reprimands him for his reckless actions and demands to know if Daria is the reason he snuck out. As his father continues to yell at him, Connor finally snaps and yells that he snuck out in order to see Jude, not Daria. Stunned, Mr. Stevens asks what that is supposed to mean. Connor stares him nervously, clearly hesitant. Later, it is mentioned that Taylor and her father went and saw Connor at the hospital to apologize. It is later revealed that she gave him her phone to contact Jude, who had been banned from his life.

Later on at home, while doing homework, Jude receives a text message from him, under Taylor's cell phone number, and while texting back and forth, Jude asks why he blamed the incident on him. Connor tells him that he never said the entire event was his idea. Connor then tells Jude that he told his father he's gay, making Jude smile to himself.

Connor reunited with Jude at the hospital.

The End of the Beginning

He is seen lying in his hospital bed, clearly miserable. He then sees his dad come in and open the door, letting Jude enter the room. Seeing him, Connor's face brightens up with a smile. Mr. Stevens looks at the two before closing the door, leaving. As Jude comes to the side of the hospital bed, the two smile warmly at each other before Connor reaches out and caresses Jude's hand, holding it.

Soon noticing his painted blue nails, Connor asks him, "What's this?" to which Jude answers, "War paint." Connor smiles at him with tears in his eyes before he moves over, allowing Jude to lay down beside him. They then watch TV together side-by-side. Jude later tells Callie that Connor and him are dating.

Season 3


Connor discussing with Jude whether to go public with their relationship.

Three weeks since the season 2 finale, Connor is now on crutches since his foot injury. At school, he talks with Jude regarding the publicity of their new relationship. Connor says how he has already told his father - "the scariest person for him" - and doesn't see the need to wait in telling other people about them. Jude doesn't think they should go public, to which Connor asks why. Jude responds that it is nobody's business but their own. The bell rings, and Jude leaves as Connor appears less then comfortable with this decision.

Daria confronting Connor on why he broke up with her.

After school, he and Jude walk alongside each other. Jude asks to make sure Connor is being picked up by his dad and offers to wait for him. Connor says he doesn't have to, and Jude tells him that he'll call him later and walks off. As he leaves, Daria and Taylor come up and see Connor, who says hi. Daria, emotional, demands to know why he broke up with her. Connor doesn't have an answer, and she tells him to just forget it and storms off. Taylor asks why he can't just tell her that he is into Jude, remarking that it's "completely obvious". This remarks leaves Connor at a loss for words, who finally just says that he can't. As Taylor leaves, annoyed with him, he watches from the distance as Jude walks home.

Connor uncomfortable with keeping his relationship with Jude a secret.

At the Anchor Beach end of school party, Connor and Jude are walking about the beach, enjoying themselves as Jude helps Connor in his crutches. A fellow male classmate sees them together and pauses in his step before making a rude remark, asking if it's true that they are "gay for each other". Momentarily speechless, Connor defends their relationship, boldly answering yes and demanding to know if that is an issue for him. The male classmate begins to back off, revealing he only heard about it and wanted to know if it was true. Connor snaps then for him to get out of his face, and the guy backs off.

Connor defending his relationship with Jude.

Jude expresses his anger at Connor, believing that he went ahead and made their relationship public. Taylor and Daria, who were nearby watching, step in as Taylor admits to being the one who revealed their relationship to the school. She insists she only thought she was honestly helping, believing Connor was the one afraid to come out and under the belief that no one would care. She apologizes as Daria backs her up, claiming no one would care if they're gay or not. Jude snaps that he isn't gay and storms off as Connor calls out after him.

Connor with Jude on the beach.

That night, Connor has been looking for Jude and finds him on top of some large boulder rocks on the beach. He remarks how Jude could have made it easier on him, given that he is in crutches. He then expresses his confusion, asking what he meant when he said he wasn't gay. He then asks if that means he doesn't like him, which Jude immediately says he does. However, Connor asks if he likes him "like that" and Jude assures him that he does. He then explains how his whole life he has always been labelled as something, but simply wants to be him without the need for a label anymore. After a moment, Connor asks if this means he doesn't want to be his boyfriend. Jude tells him that he still does, much to Connor's visible relief. Jude takes his hand, promising him that he wants to be a couple, and Connor smiles.

Father's Day

Connor hurt as his dad proves to still not approve his sexual orientation.

Connor and his father are invited to the Foster household for their annual Father's Day dinner. As they head into the house, Connor tells his dad how Jude prefers to keep their relationship private and unknown to Donald Jacob, Jude's dad, for the time being. Adam agrees, remarking how "the fewer people that know, the better". Connor appears hurt by this.

Connor and his dad during the Foster's Father's Day brunch.

During dinner, Connor sits by his dad as Adam makes friendly conversation with Donald. When Mike proposes a toast to Lena and Stef as their hostesses, they add on to also toast to the "amazing men" in their lives. At this, Connor and Jude share a brief look with each other as they join in the toast. Later, when Lena accidentally reveals to Adam that Connor and Jude came out at school, Adam angrily and publicly confronts him about this. When Adam assumes Jude told everyone, Connor tells him that he got outed by a friend, but refuses to say by who.

Connor assuring his dad he knows he means well.

Donald, putting it together that Jude and Connor are dating, intervenes by asking if Adam is more worried about his son or his own reputation as a father; saying it is Connor's business as to who knows he is gay or not. Adam says he just doesn't want his son to get ridiculed and bullied for being gay, asking if he wished to see Jude be bullied for it. However, Donald states that while he doesn't want his kid being bullied, he wants him to be proud of who he is. He adds on that Connor being faced with bullying at home by his own parent will be worse then any discrimination he will be faced with by the world. Silenced, Adam softly says that isn't his intention. Connor assures his father that he knows this.

Déjà Vu

Connor as he plays a violent video game, talking to Jude.

Connor is playing a violent video game as Jude sits in a chair playing Bejeweled. As he is playing, he asks Jude if he really doesn't feel weird about sharing his room with a kid he didn't know. Jude remarks how he's been to seven different foster homes - he's had to share his room with a lot of kids he didn't know. Connor then gets very into his video game as repeated gun fire is heard, making Jude uncomfortable. When Jude complains to Connor to turn the volume down, Connor gets slightly annoyed and calls him "granny". Hurt, Jude simply puts on a pair of headphones and returns to his Bejeweled game as Connor continues with his game.

Connor asking to go along with Jude for gun shooting.

At school, Connor talks to Jude about the next level of his game being a "gore fest" with body explosions and such content. He says Jude has to come over and play it with him. However, Jude says he can't since he has plans. Confused, Connor asks what's up with him. Jude says nothing is wrong - he only has plans. Connor asks what plans he has. Jude then lies that he is going to a shooting range with his mom. This causes Connor to ask to tag along since he also wants to shoot a gun. Disdained, Jude brings up how his dad probably wouldn't let him. Connor retorts that his dad hunts and Stef is a cop and there is "no one safer to go with". He asks Jude to ask his mom if he can come.

Connor finally realizing the true danger the night he was shot.

At the shooting range, Stef teaches the boys how to properly shoot a gun while shooting at the target first. Connor excitedly says how "awesome" the experience is going to be. She has them recall the three basic gun safety rules before having Jude go first. However, with his gun aimed at the target, Jude is unable to go through with it. Connor asks why he doesn't want to shoot, and he answers that he simply "doesn't need to". Stef then lets Connor go up next. She tries showing him how to aim, but he waves it off by saying it is just like in his games. Aimed at the target, Connor fires, but immediately has a series of flashbacks to his time being shot from Justify the Means. He then sees the shot he made had gone directly through the head of the target.

Connor crying as Jude comforts him.

Connor's trauma from getting shot in the foot becomes too overwhelming for him after he fires the gun. Stef asks if he's fine. He insists he is, but excuses himself to go outside. Jude later follows after Connor, finding him sitting by the sidewalk. After Jude asks if he's okay, Connor again insists he's fine. Jude then tells him how he never wanted to shoot a gun and that Stef was never going to take him shooting - he just said that because he was embarrassed that he didn't want to play the violent zombie game. Connor asks why he was embarrassed, to which Jude reminds him that he had called him a "granny". Thinking, Connor admits how he isn't okay like he thought he was. As he begins to cry, Jude wraps his arm around Connor's shoulders, comforting him.

Connor as he recalls the night he was shot.

Later, Stef comes out and sits besides the two boys. She reminisces about the first time her father took her to a gun range for a first time and how excited she was to shoot an actual gun. However, the moment she fired at the target, she immediately burst into tears and figured her dad would give her a hard time for it. Instead, her dad proved to be proud of her for realizing that handling a gun is no game - it is real with real consequences. She adds on how her dad's goal was to never have to use his gun and how he succeeded in never using it and never got shot at once - which is something they can't say.

She then urges them to talk about their experience with being shot or shot at because it's very important, especially to her since she knows she has to talk about. Connor then admits how he doesn't remember much after being shot, but that he sometimes dreams about it. Stef agrees how she does too.

More Than Words

Connor as Cole tells them about the LGBTQ Prom.

He is on the beach with Jude, AJ, Mariana and Matt. He and Jude are playing a game on their phones as Cole then comes up to them, now fully transitioned into a male body. He and the group listens to Cole go on about his plans to throw an LGBTQ prom due to regular high school proms always banning LGBTQ kids from attending - giving those kids the prom they deserve. Cole invites him and Connor to attend, saying how it'll give them a chance to meet fellow gay kids their age. Connor sneaks a peek at Jude, who appears annoyed by the label. When Cole leaves to go swim, Jude calls for a "re-match" for the game he and Connor were playing. He and Jude go back to playing their game. Jude and Connor are later showed playing Frisbee in the background in front of the sea.

Connor's gift for Jude for prom.

One the night of the prom, Connor goes to Jude's house and knocks on the door before being let in. He arrives in to see Jude wearing one of Jesus' old suits, causing him to pause in his step, stunned while taking in Jude's appearance. When Jude comments on Connor's casual clothing, Connor admits he didn't want to tell his dad where he was heading so he brought a bag with his outfit and necessities instead. He tells Jude that he "looks great", smiling at him. He says how he was going to originally give Jude a corsage, but figured his decided gift would last longer - pulling out a shirt he made. Jude then reads the print on the clothing - "I'm not gay - but my boyfriend is". Not sure what to say, Connor tells him it's a joke. Jude tells him he got that.

Connor and Jude meeting Jonah and Lenin at prom.

When Cole arrives, Stef, Lena and Lena's parents all arrive to take prom pictures. When Jude and Connor are called for, they walk downstairs as everyone laments on cute they look. Stef and Lena then proceed to take their picture repeatedly, bringing Connor to hold Jude's hand when he appears nervous to it. At the prom, Jude and Connor walk in and are clearly nervous. Two LGBTQ guys see and come up to them, introducing themselves as Jonah and Lenin well as tagging in their labels. As Connor joins in by giving his name and sexual orientation as gay, Jude simply introduces himself as "Jude" and says his sexual orientation as "Jude". The two LGBTQ guys then conclude that they're together and it is their first gay dance.

Connor as Jonah tells him that Jude will just break his heart.

While grabbing some punch, Jonah comes up to him; asking if he's having fun. Connor says yeah, although they just got there. Jonah then asks what's up with his boyfriend, bringing up how he didn't label himself as gay but just by "Jude". Connor explains he isn't into labels. Jonah the remarks how that means that he isn't sure he's actually gay then, adding on how he's "been there, done that". Connor asks what he means. Jonah tells him how he is only telling him this because he wishes someone gave him a heads up at his age. He says he's been with boys who refused to call themselves gay and how it only means they're just curious and end up "dumping you and breaking your baby gay heart". He walks away from a now silent Connor.

Connor smiling as Jude tells him that he's "super gay" for him - labeling himself.

Later, Connor is dancing with Jonah and other guys there. Connor sees Jude a few feet away and approaches him. Jude asks what he's doing. Connor easily remarks "Dancing... it's a gay dance, right?" Jude then asks to leave, calling the entire event "stupid". Connor answers that if he wants to leave then he can, but he's going to stay because he's having a good time. He then somewhat bitterly adds on to Jude, "Because I'm gay, so..." Jude then leaves to go outside as Connor stands there for a moment. Slowly, he rejoins Jonah and the others in dancing.

Connor dancing with Jude.

Sometime after this, Connor is standing against the wall, in thought. Jude approaches him, now telling him, "Hi, I'm Jude... and I'm gay". However, Connor tells him that he doesn't think he can keep doing this anymore. Jude assures him that he knows this now, but that Connor doesn't have to anymore. Connor stares at him for moment. Jude proudly declares to him that he's "super gay for [him]". Connor then chuckles and grins to himself. He then asks Jude to dance, which he accepts.

The two boys then take each other's hand as they proceed to join the crowd on the dance floor. They then begin slow dancing together as Callie and Cole see them from their seats and smile. Callie and Cole then join beside them dancing as Jude rests his head on Connor's shoulder, who rubs his back as they continue dancing together.

Faith, Hope, Love

During family dinner, Mariana mentions how Jude is spending time at Connor's house and is expected to be back soon.

Connor asking Jude if he wants to hang out later.


In class, Connor comes into the room and sits by Jude. He asks if he wants to hang out at the beach. Jude says he doesn't think he can. Connor appears disappointed, but then suggests they can do something else and gives him a smile. Class then starts with a scheduled math test as Connor looks back and gives Jude a concerned looks. When Jude abruptly leaves, Connor can be seen visibly worried.

Connor smiling as Jude makes up with his family.

Later that night, when Jude arrives home and gives his family an apology for his behavior, Connor is standing behind the family watching. Jude notices him and asks why he's there. Connor explains how he wasn't answering his text messages and became worried about him. Jude tells him that he's sorry.


When dropping Jude off, Adam tells Lena how he walked into Connor's room - only to see Connor and Jude making out with their shirts off. When Lena asks how he responded, Adam says he simply told Jude it was time for him to go home.

Connor telling Jude he is going to go live with his mother.

While preparing for Stef's parents 40th anniversary, Jude tells Connor how Lena gave him the "talk" and how embarrassing it was when Lena began informing how to use a condom. When Jude asks Connor if his father gave him "the talk" as well, Connor says they did "have a talk". He then tells Jude how he has considered to go live with his mother. Jude, shocked, says how his mother lives in LA and why he'd wish to live with her. Connor tells him how his father just isn't okay with their relationship or him being gay.

Connor enjoying himself during the party.

During the party, Connor is seen enjoying himself and, during Mariana's song performance, slow dancing with Jude. After Mariana's performance, he claps along with the crowd and can be seen dancing again beside Jude. After the party, Connor comes down from upstairs getting his jacket and begins to leave with his dad. He pauses in his step to ask Jude if he'll see him tomorrow. Jude nods before Connor goes home with his father.

Connor during Callie's speech in court.

When the Adams-Fosters go to the courthouse for Callie's adoption, he is seen with them as support. As they walk into the courtroom, Connor sits besides Jude and as he listens to Callie's passionate speech about being lucky that she found a good family to love and keep her safe, Jude takes his hand. When Callie is legally adopted by the Adams-Fosters, Connor is smiling happily for the family.

Connor as Jude tells him that he loves him.

After Callie's adoption, Jude pulls Connor aside and tells him that he should go live with his mother. Jude explains when Adam told him that he asked for Adam to just let him go, he didn't understand at all. But when Callie was making her speech about having a family that is truly there for her and makes her feel safe, he had been watching Connor and finally understood what he meant. Jude tells Connor how he wants him to have that as well, admitting that he loves him. Connor can be seen with tears in his eyes and answers that he loves him too. Jude then says how LA isn't that far and "there are trains". The two then share a hug, clutching and holding on to each other.

First Impressions


Season 4


Jude checks Connor's Facebook page and sees that he changed his profile picture to him and his new boyfriend.

Good Trouble

Season 3

In Klompendansen, Connor is revealed to be attending UC Irvine on a baseball scholarship and is reunited with Jude. After reconciling and kissing again, the two agree to resume their friendship as Jude is with Carter Hunter now.


  • Daria - Caria Daria was Connor's first and only girlfriend, and Connor later implies that he is only using the relationship as a cover to keep hanging out with Jude. Connor is confronted by his dad about sneaking out to supposedly meet Daria, only for Connor to admit that he had snuck out in order to spend time with Jude, not her. After finally coming out to his father and fully accepting his feelings for Jude, Connor breaks up with Daria in order to officially start a relationship with Jude, much to Daria's heartbreak. He initially declines to tell her why but when she finds out about him and Jude, she is supportive of the relationship. She is also relieved to know she wasn't the problem in their brief relationship.
Jude connor fosters kiss.jpg
  • Jude Adams Foster - (Jude and Connor) Connor and Jude were classmates and best friends. In The Morning After, Connor and Jude exit the classroom while talking about a large fish Connor caught with his dad. When Connor forgets his textbook in class and goes back to the classroom to go get it, fellow classmates pick on Jude for wearing blue nail polish. Connor joins Jude at lunch wearing blue nail polish to support him. The two maintained a strong and steady friendship. Connor's homophobic dad proved to be a significant "roadblock" in their relationship, due to his dislike of Jude after speculating that he may be gay. Despite the two wanting to be friends, Connor is unable to stand up to his dad, but still continues to spend time with Jude regardless. Connor and Jude's relationship evolves from friendship to romance when they kiss on a school camping trip. After several months of dating, Connor tells Jude that he loves him too but has to move in with his mother to have the acceptance he needs, as his father's deep homophobia is teetering on dangerous. Connor's move ultimately allows him to grow as a person and socially expand, though it leaves less time for Jude and they break-up. After being reunited years later, Jude lies to his current boyfriend Carter that Connor is just a friend from middle school. However, Mariana shortly thereafter reveals the truth to Carter. While Connor later kiss Jude, Jude decides to only remain friends with Connor since he's now with Jude, although both agree that they will always be the other's first love. Jude calls their kiss "the goodbye kiss we never had."


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  • Connor enjoys fishing. He also enjoys playing baseball despite his father's pressure for him to excel in it. In The Fallout, Connor mentions to Lena that he won his soccer game, implying he also plays or played soccer.
  • It is implied in the episode Play that Connor's parents are divorced. His mother is rarely, if ever, mentioned after this. The show hints that Connor's father has primary custody over him since he is always seen to be living with him. This is confirmed in Lucky when Connor considers moving to Los Angeles to live with his mom. It's also implied that she's more supportive of him than his father, at least in regards to his sexual orientation. Connor's main reason for living with her was so he could live in an environment that is potentially more supportive of him being gay.
  • It is suspected following Someone's Little Sister that he may be/have been physically abused by his father. However, this has not been officially confirmed. 
  • It is implied that he is an only child. In Now Hear This, Connor remarks how it is just "him and his dad" and has never been seen with or mentioned having any siblings.
  • In Déjà Vu, it is shown that Connor is struggling with psychological trauma following his shooting in Justify the Means. He admits to Stef how, like her, he sometimes dreams and has flashbacks to the event.
  • His mom is said to live in LA despite him mentioning the reason Jude couldn't come to his house for their project was because people being around gave her headaches.



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