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Okay, see you in the morning. I love you.
— Colleen's last words to Callie

Colleen Elizabeth Jacob[2] was the deceased mother of Callie Adams Foster and Jude Adams Foster, the wife of Donald Jacob, and the ex-wife of Robert Quinn.

While never actually on the show, Colleen made her first appearance in a flashback Callie has while remembering her during the episode Padre.

Colleen is portrayed by Sadie Alexandru.


In the early stages of her adult life, Colleen was in a steady relationship with wealthy upperclassman, Robert Quinn. However, Robert's family rejected the relationship due to Colleen's lower status, which led the couple to elope. Sometime later when they heard of the marriage, Robert's family demanded that he leave Colleen, threatening to disinherit him if he didn't. Robert gave into his family's demands and the couple eventually divorced. Unbeknownst to Robert, Colleen was pregnant with their child.

Colleen soon gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Callie. Colleen kept Callie's existence a secret from Robert and vice versa, as she was afraid Robert's family would try to take their daughter away from her.

When Callie was six months old, Colleen met Donald Jacob and they began a relationship. They eventually got married, and Callie grew up believing that Donald was her father. During her marriage to Donald, Colleen gave birth to their son, Jude.

Physical Appearance

Colleen had a fairly slim frame with dark brown hair and eyes. She bore a strong resemblance to her daughter, Callie.



The Fosters


Colleen is briefly mentioned by a social worker, Bill, to have died when Callie was ten and Jude was six, after which her children were placed into foster care.

Callie later reveals to Brandon Foster that Colleen taught her how to play the guitar when she was a child. Brandon helps Callie begin reconnecting with the instrument.


As seen in a flashback, Colleen and Donald planned on going out for the night. Callie, then 10 years old, was mad at her mother for leaving her. While saying her goodbyes, Colleen asked if Callie would give her a kiss goodbye, which her daughter refused. Colleen then left with Donald. After the outing, Donald was driving while intoxicated with Colleen, who was presumably in the passenger seat. His choice to drive while drunk consequently caused a car accident, killing Colleen, among other victims that were involved in the accident.

Colleen's death deeply affected her daughter, causing Callie to go into a mental breakdown and destroy her room, which she later mentally blocked out. Callie would also go on to regret the way she ended things with her mother, having wished that she had kissed her goodbye. Once receiving her mother's possessions from the county morgue, Callie found her mother's necklace and has worn it ever since.

Father's Day

Callie initially refused to see Donald at Father's Day due to his role Colleen's death. While trying to convince her otherwise, Robert implied that Colleen was aware that Donald was drunk, yet still chose to get into the car with him anyway.


During a nightmare Callie has where Stef and Lena decide to reverse her adoption, Stef answers the door and Callie's social worker, who turns out to be her mother, walks inside. Callie's voice breaks when she sees her and she asks, "Mom?". Colleen replies, "Hello, Callie." Callie then wakes up from her nightmare.

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, Callie has another dream of Colleen, who is cooking breakfast for her and Jude. Colleen asks about school and how her daughter's art portfolio is coming along. Callie says she's finished and has submitted it to UCSD. When Colleen arrives at the table to serve breakfast, she asks why Callie is wearing her necklace. The necklace, Jude, and Colleen then disappear. Callie then wakes up.

Later that day, Callie and Jude visit Colleen's grave, where Donald shows up with flowers.

Giving Up the Ghost

When Callie is talking with Donald, he notices that she isn't wearing Colleen's necklace, and Callie told him that she took it off.

Good Trouble

Parental Guidance Suggested

Callie reflects to Gael Martinez on how hard it is to remember Colleen the longer her mother has been dead.


Callie comforts Curtis Wilson over regretting his last conversation with his son, Tate, before the latter's death. In doing so, Callie reflects on how much she regretted her last words to Colleen before her death for years due to being angry with her mother at the time.

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  • On her last night, Callie refused to kiss Colleen goodbye because she was mad at her. This is a decision she deeply regrets.
  • Ever since Colleen's death, Callie wore her mother's necklace almost every day, to the point that she doesn't wear any other necklace.
    • In Mother's Day, Callie finally takes off Colleen's necklace, stating that she can now love and remember her mother without, "wearing my grief around my neck."
  • Colleen knew how to play the guitar, which she taught Callie.[3]
  • Colleen would read Hansel and Gretel to Callie and Jude every night.[4]
  • Colleen's spirit may have come through via the Ouija board in Padre. However, it was unclear whether or not Connor moved the pointer to let Jude have some peace about being adopted by Stef and Lena.




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