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Collateral Damage is the tenth episode and mid-season finale of Season 4 of The Fosters. It is the seventy-second episode overall. It aired on August 29, 2016.


Callie and the family run a "Justice for Jack" booth at a music festival to try and stop Justina's foster care bill; Mariana sees Nick and makes a run for it; Stef's inquiries into Kyle's case could lead to repercussions at her job.


At school in Mr. Timothy's class, they discuss the hero's journey of their latest novel. As the bell rings, he calls for Mariana, and informs her that her latest paper wasn't her best work (a 'D' is seen upon its top). She explains that due to her commitment to robotics, she hasn't had time, although Mr. Timothy says that she has been given the same time as everyone else. She begs for the weekend to finish the paper "to make it perfect" and he reluctantly agrees, because he does not want her GPA to be ruined. Later, Mariana gets a phone call from Nick, informing her that he is out on house arrest for the weekend and invites her over, leaving Mariana visibly shaken at the request. In her bedroom, Matt is revealed to be home from tour, and they look to be getting cozy, but Mariana falls asleep. Lena interrupts him, telling Mat she thinks its wonderful that he got into Berklee College of Music, although Mariana mistakes it for Berkeley.

Stef goes to an interview, as she is interested in applying for detective. She learns that Det. Grey has recommended her for the job, giving her an uneasy feeling. Later, she tracks Mike down and tells him to get his buddy in Vice to run Patrick Malloy's information and prints through the system to figure out the molestation case and to get Det. Grey in trouble for his threatening to get the victim's parents deported. Mike agrees, knowing that Stef is not to be messed with. Later, Stef gets a visit while at work from Det. Grey, who tells her that he knows about what she's done in getting his case reopened, as well as her deception in protecting Mike when he shot an unarmed man to protect Stef (see Clean).

Over dinner, Callie reports on Rita's trip to Sacramento in regards to stop Justina's bill from completely going in front of congress, along with combating their own bill for foster care. She asks if they, the Adams Foster family, is willing to set up a booth at a music festival (where they will all be going due to Brandon's reunion with Someone's Little Sister) can set up a booth with the slogan Justice For Jack to combat Justina's bill themselves. Jude asks, despite his being grounded for smoking with Noah in the previous episode (see New York) if he can attend the music festival as well, because Noah, apparently, will not be there. Lena calmly explains that since Jude is not grounded from family events, he can come and work the booth.

While at the festival, Callie is lukewarm about AJ's arrival, due to Mike being there and her still being angry at him for him saying she's "ruined everything". Sophia arrives and shows off the shirts with "Justice 4 Jack" printed on them, and Callie proclaims that she loves them. Aaron is surprised at their resemblance and walks off, leaving AJ annoyed further. Sophia tells Callie that Aaron is cute, and Callie gives Sophia information about him, leaving Sophia to remark that Aaron is smart. Later, all of the family are shown to be trying to get signatures, and Jude is shown, shocked when Noah shows up and agrees to sign. A little sadly, he says that he's not supposed to see him, whereupon Noah holds up a joint and replies, "I won't tell if you won't." The two are then seen sharing a smile and walking off together. Stef confesses to Lena that she's gotten a visit from Det. Grey, who tells her to stay off the case or he'll go to Internal Affairs and report her for lying for and covering for Mike.

Callie tries to stop an altercation between AJ and Aaron. AJ yells at Aaron for always flirting with Callie, and admits to knowing about their kiss. He then gets into Aaron's face, telling him to back down and calling him a little man, and to leave Callie alone, prompting Mike to show up. Mike demands to know what's going on, and Callie repeats some of his conversation with Stef about how she is "yanking his (AJ's) chain". Aaron walks off, angry, and Callie goes after him. AJ yells at Mike and tells him again that he'll leave and Mike says that he may disapprove of his love life, but that AJ isn't going anywhere.

Mariana tells Mat that she researched Berkeley University and says that, although she was upset before, she will get over it, due to their robotics program. Mat says that he's pretty sure that they don't have one, but Mariana is insistent. Mat finally confesses that it is Berklee College of Music that he got into, and that it is in Boston.

Callie finds out that some of Justina's workers are at the festival, too. While watching a performance, she is ambushed by the main woman who remembers her from when she was Justina's pet project. She threatens her while Stef and Lena aren't looking, informing her that opening someone else's mail, Justina's mail, is a crime. Despite the fact that Callie softly professes her innocence, the woman isn't buying it. Seeing her upset, Stef comes over and consoles Callie, who is understandably overwhelmed. After Callie walks off, Stef makes a call to her boss and informs her via voicemail that she wants a meeting because she has something she wants to take to Internal Affairs. Callie asks Brandon, Lou, and Mat if she can go onstage with them, and successfully plugs their booth Justice for Jack, prompting the woman who threatened her to walk off.

Angry at Mat's potential move across the country, Mariana goes off by herself. As she is sitting there, she notices Nick through the crowd, finger to his lips, informing her to keep quiet. Scared, she calls Jesus, who went over to Nick's house, telling him to leave her alone, prompting an earlier fight between them. Hastily, Mariana tells Jesus (who is with Emma) where she is before running off in fear. This leads Jesus and Emma to believe (after a phone call to Nick, who is revealed to be at home) that Mariana is suffering a psychotic episode due to Jesus's ADHD medication, due to Emma revealing Mariana's consumption of them. Stef finds a security guard and tells him that she is a fellow police officer, and reports Mariana missing. On the man's police radio, it is confirmed that Nick has broken his house arrest and that there is an all-points-bulletin out for him.

Doug Harvey mistakes Sophia for Callie and goes after her, prompting Stef to go after him after her phone call. As she rushes in to make sure Sophia is safe, Jesus and Emma catch her and tell her that Mariana has run off and tell her about her taking Jesus's pills. Doug Harvey finds Sophia in the bathroom and blocks her way, yelling at her for going to his house and watching him. Despite her protests, Doug won't believe her, until a woman shows up, giving Sophia opportunity to escape.

Callie goes back to the booth to AJ, who accuses her of going after Aaron. Callie says that she went after him to apologize for all the things he (AJ) said. She said that Aaron's size is probably an insecurity for him, and reveals to AJ that Aaron is trans. AJ feels secure, and says that now he doesn't feel threatened, prompting Callie to admit that she would probably be interested in him if they weren't dating, prompting AJ to break up with her and leave the festival.

Lena gets a call during the music festival from Monte, who reveals that Brandon will not be attending Julliard, despite his acceptance, due to the fact that he took the SAT's for someone else. Lena gets Brandon alone after his set with Someone's Little Sister has ended, and tells him. Brandon understandably breaks down from the notion that his dream is crushed.

Mariana wanders off by herself in order to get away from the visions, where Nick finds her. He tries to reason with her, but Mariana lashes out, saying that he took away the safe haven of her bedroom and that she doesn't want to see him anymore.

Callie runs into Martha's grandson Troy, who apologizes for lashing out at her earlier (he had proclaimed that Kyle was a murderer and that she shouldn't be accepting donations to get him out of prison). Callie accepts his apology, and tells him that Mariana is missing, giving him her description. Troy says that she (Mariana) is "really pretty" and says for her to get in his car and that they'll go and find her. In a phone call to Callie, Aaron reports that the DNA match against the murder weapon and Doug Harvey was negative, but that there was other DNA on it, a male relative of Martha, leading Callie to believe that Troy, the man who she is in the car with, is the real killer.

Mariana and Nick are then seen talking amicably, where he says that he understands that their relationship is over and that he respects that. Just then, Jesus and Emma come driving up and Jesus attacks Nick brutally, accusing him of kidnapping Mariana despite her protests. Just as Stef comes running up to intercept the fight, Nick loses his patience and defends himself by punching Jesus full in the face. Stef screams at Nick, demanding what he did, and it is shown that Jesus is unconscious, with Mariana and Emma looking on in horror as Nick looks angry at himself and what he has done.


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  • Callie reveals to AJ that Aaron is transgender.
  • The title comes from the song that Brandon wrote and played with Someone's Little Sister.
  • Brandon gets accepted into Julliard but isn't allowed to go when the school board finds out that he was doing SATs for someone else.
  • It is revealed that Nick was released from the Mental Hospital and he is under house arrest.
  • AJ and Callie argue about Aaron and the status of their relationship is currently unknown.
  • This is the first mid-season finale without Brallie romantic moments.
  • This is the second mid-season finale, in which Someone's Little Sister makes a concert.


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