Am I frustrated that I have to work twice as hard to get half as far as white men? Hell yeah, but blowing up your career is not going to change the culture around here, Mariana. You can vent to me anytime, but I would hate for us to lose another talented Latina engineer.

Casey Pierce is a character on the Freeform original series, Good Trouble. She is the sole female team leader at Speckulate and a brilliant coder.

Casey is portrayed by Chloe Wepper.



Casey is extremely intelligent and bright-minded and is gifted in coding and many other scientific fields. She is kind to Mariana and is a friendly, helping hand to her. She knows how to keep a low profile and manage her emotions, especially since being hired to work at Speckulate.

Physical Appearance

Casey is in her late twenties and has shoulder-length wavy black hair, wide brown eyes, and a curvy figure. She is always seen in casual clothing, which she wears to fit in with her male colleagues.

Throughout Series


Season 1 (8/13)

Season 2 (5/18)

Notes and Trivia

  • She is the only female team leader at Speckulate, and one of the few female employees.
  • Casey is one of the few reasons that Mariana formed The Byte Club.



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