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You were the one I trusted! The one I thought had my back, but you're just as full of shit as he is! You chose the right guy because he's perfect for you. You were a mistake. I never should have gotten involved with you. I can't see your lying face every day. I wish you didn't live here!
Gael to Callie

Callie and Gael also referred to as Gallie/Cael is the romantic pairing between Callie Adams Foster and Gael Martinez.


Callie moved into the apartment complex that Gael was residing in, and they instantly had a connection. They met on her first night at the apartment and bonded over their mutual love for art, political activism, and had a basic connection. Gael showed her his art and they had sex in his loft. The next morning, Gael was getting ready to go on a bike ride when Callie and Mariana interrupt him. Mariana introduced the pair, and both of them acted as if they hadn't met. Gael then left, and Mariana quickly restated her interest in Gael to Callie before leaving for work. When Callie went back to Gael that night to break things off with them, they ended up having sex again, which Callie regretted because she had lied to Mariana.

That night at the roof of the pool, Callie told Mariana the truth and they witnessed Gael making out and then beginning to have sex with another male. Both girls were shocked and Callie downed her wine as Mariana quickly stated that she forgave her and could have Gael. Callie avoided him until she talked with Jude and faced her personal reservations about dating a bisexual man, which Gael instantly thought would have been an issue due to his past. Callie, much to his surprise, stated that it wasn't an issue, and they restarted their casual non-exclusive relationship. They later broke up after realizing that neither one of them were able to focus on their professional careers while being distracted with one another.


First Relationship (Romantic)

  • Started: DTLA strictly sexual before Callie knew that Mariana was interested in and working with Gael.
  • Ended: DTLA when Callie broke things off to stay loyal to her sister.

Second Relationship (Romantic)

  • Started: The Coterie after Callie opened up to Gael and they agreed to have a non-exclusive and casual relationship, that allows Gael to still be with Bryan and Callie to see other people.
    • Parental Guidance Suggested: They admit that their relationship is more than just casual, but want to remain non-exclusive so they can still see other people.
  • Ended: Swipe Right after Callie admitted that she couldn't get any of her professional work done because they were having sex. Gael agreed, and they talked about reuniting after she passes the bar and he finishes his art show.

Third Relationship (Friendship)

  • Started:
  • Ended: "Disruptions" - Gael discovered that Jamie bought the art piece that he and Callie made together. He felt betrayed that she didn't tell him or tell Jamie that she helped Gael make it. He proclaimed that he wishes she didn't live there anymore. She later moved out of the Coterie.

Fourth Relationship (Friendship)

  • Started:

Fifth Relationship (Romantic)


  • Tommy Martinez ships them.
  • They were in a non-exclusive relationship that includes Gael having sexual relations with Bryan and Callie has with Jamie Hunter.
  • Callie and Gael have a close connection and opened up to each other in a way neither of them had done in a long time.
    • Gael admitted that he is afraid he won't live up to his full potential when it comes to his art.
    • Callie opened up to Gael and told him that she struggles to remember her mother, who died when she was only ten-years-old. She also tells him how awful the foster care system was for her and her brother.
  • In "Parental Guidance Suggested" they admit their relationship is more than just casual.
  • They break-off their relationship in "Swipe Right".
  • They have their first fight in "Willful Blindness" over Callie still sneaking up to see Gael despite him being in a relationship with Bryan. She also angers him by not-so-subtly saying that she is better than Bryan.


"So when we... I didn't know you worked with my sister or I never would have... So I think it’s better if we don't – again and it's definitely better if Mariana doesn't find out we did. Because I never want a guy to come between us."
—Callie to Gael
"Callie: I'm a terrible person.
Gael: The worst.
—Gallie after they have sex again
"Living here with you is too. It hurt seeing you with Bryan."
"Gael: Yeah, and I guess it hurt me when you said you didn't want to introduce me as anything to your moms. I know we're not in a committed thing, but we don't have to be exclusive to admit that this thing isn't just casual. Not for me.
Callie: It isn't for me either.
—Admitting their relationship isn't "casual"