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Bulk Beauty is an app where you can find all of your favorite sustainable beauty products in a one-stop shop. Our app tracks how quickly you use each of your products so it will automatically reorder your refill at a personalized speed to minimize waste, all from cruelty-free vegan, zero waste brands, and compostable and recycled packaging.
— Company pitch

Bulk Beauty is an environmentally friendly beauty app founded by Mariana Adams Foster, Claire Badgley, Gina Spero, and Rachel Boyle.

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Season 4

In "Turn and Face the Strange", Mariana and Evan talk over drinks. She remembers talking to the Byte Clubs about him wanting to meet. They agree she should see him to see if he has information about Revitalize. Now, Evan admits that Jackie wants him to find out if she can be trusted. He isn't here to do his bidding, he's curious as to why he's betraying her friends. She tells him Jackie ripping off Bulk Beauty which he didn't know, or approve. She doesn't either, but lies that the BB girls pushed her out, stole her ideas, and now she's taking them elsewhere. Since neither of them have anything else to discuss, she tells him to tell Jackie she has nothing to worry about and leaves.

In "Meet the New Boss", the fight club girls worry about Mariana going undercover at Revitalize, but Mariana believes it's the only way to prove they stole their idea. She just needs a photo of their source code to prove it. Claire wonders if Jackie shared her suspicions with the team, but Mariana doesn't think so - they seemed clueless. Mariana faces a dilemma - she has to sign a contract to work with Revitalize Beauty which has a non-compete clause that bans her from signing with another beauty start-up for three years. During a team meeting, Mariana decides to sign the contract. The Revitalize Beauty they stole BB's code and won’t get away with it. She doesn’t care if she has to sign the non-compete, as this is her mess to fix. She wants to save Bulk Beauty and won’t just move across the country as her actions might affect other people. Claire notes that she can’t come back to BB, but Mariana thinks they can knock Revitalize off the map and void the contract.

In "It's Lonely Out in Space", the Revitalize Beauty girls discuss their next brand target, Riot Face, so Mariana texts the FCG's telling them who to speak with from the company. The FCG's pitch their app, with this routine continuing onto Veganique and Glow Fille, with Bulk Beauty landing all three brands. The BB girls celebrate with drinks and send Mariana a photo of them celebrating while she's alone in a quiet office. Mariana tells the BB girls that Liza is getting suspicious, and they suggest letting Revitalize land one out of four brands. Their constant questions prove overwhelming for Mariana.

In "So This is What the Truth Feels Like', the Revitalize Beauty girls face-off with the Bulk Beauty girls for the Archambeau Cosmetics pitch. Flashing back, Claire thinks they should win the pitch with the other girls agreeing. Claire worries about running into one another, but Mariana finds it unlikely. Now, Mariana texts the BB girls and Liza picks up on the BB girls reactions, prompting them to try and hide their reactions. When they came in earlier, Liza explains who Bulk Beauty are to Ava and Raisa, with Mariana lying that they pushed her out over money. Liza waves to Evan who has just arrived. Mariana warned the girls about Evan's potential involvement. Liza explains that Jackie thought his presence would help them land the brand. Liza notices Mariana texting and asks if she's texting her old friends. Mariana lies that she's texting her gynecologist as something showed up on her latest pap but it turned out normal. A man calls Bulk Beauty back first.

Mariana enters her loft to the angry faces of the Bulk Beauty girls. Earlier, Liza told them that Revitalize won the Archambeau Cosmetics pitch - which they attribute to Mariana's excellent pitching skills. Now, the BB girls are angry over Mariana not blowing the pitch for them, despite Evan being present for the pitch. They can't keep alternating wins with Rachel noting that Mariana can't keep spying either. Gina suggests making their app better by coming up with a big, new idea for the app. They miss Mariana and want her back, with Mariana noting that Ava and Raisa are nice girls who she doesn't like deceiving. Claire tells Mariana to remember whose side she's really on. They brainstorm how to make BB better. The next day, Mariana emotionally tells Evan everything about their plan after struggling with betraying the Revitalize girls because of how nice they are.



Brand Partnerships

  • Contend Beauty Products
  • Riot Face
  • Veganique
  • Glow Fille

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