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Brandon Adams Foster

Brandon Foster is a main character on The Fosters.

Brandon is the biological son of Stef Adams Foster and Mike Foster. He is also the step-son of Lena Adams Foster. He is the husband of Eliza Foster, and the adoptive older brother of Mariana, Jesus, Callie, and Jude.

Brandon is portrayed by David Lambert.


Brandon was born on August 28, 1996 [2] and is the son of Stef and Mike.


Brandon is a sensitive, brooding type of person who is known for his musical talent. He is also very selfless and would do about anything for the people that he loves, as shown variously throughout the series, often putting others ahead of himself. Brandon is not a geek nor a popular kid. He is somewhere in between.

Physical Appearance

Brandon is tall, has short and messy brown hair, and has greenish/gray eyes. His style is mixed between casual and formal.

The Fosters

Season 1


Brandon at his piano performance.

Brandon is seen playing the piano for a prized scholarship that is worth five-thousand dollars. His mom, Stef, is so engaged in his performance that she misses Lena's phone call, proudly watching his performance with tears in her eyes. When he gets home, Lena questions him on how the audition went, to which he says that he has made it to the final round where the winner will be given a scholarship to a fancy school. Overjoyed by the news, the family congratulates him, although he insists that it isn't a big deal at all.

When Callie returns to the dinner table, Lena introduces both and says that

Brandon meeting Callie.

she will be staying for a while. He greets Callie and puts a slice of lasagna onto her plate when she impolitely asks if Brandon came from a 99-cent store and asks if he is the "real" son, which makes everyone uncomfortable. Afterward, Stef tells Brandon that he needs to step up while Callie is in the house; she tells him that Callie was in juvie for a brief time, which alarms him, but Stef reassures him that she is harmless. Before leaving, she asks whether or not he and his girlfriend Talya are using condoms, to which he shoves her out. Later that night, Callie later sneakily borrows his phone to call Jude.

The following day, Brandon practices for the music finals before school begins. Callie watches him play an unfamiliar melody and asks him what it is, to which he informs is an original composition about the night Stef and Lena asked his permission to adopt Jesus and Mariana. And Callie was confused, so Brandon played his piece while describing it. Talya then enters and kisses Brandon, when he asks if she could walk Callie to Mr. Timothy's room. Later, Brandon and Talya talk about getting together while her parents are out of town. When Brandon sees Callie suspiciously walking away from the school, he follows her, much to Talya's dismay. During all this, Brandon keeps on getting mysterious phone calls. He learns that Jude is not Callie's boyfriend, but her brother, and tries to convince her to tell Stef. Callie refuses and tells him that she would only be sent back to juvie, and that Jude would be stuck there forever.

Brandon blows off the music finals to help Callie look for Jude. On a train, he learns that Callie was sent to juvie for

Callie and Brandon.

damaging her foster father's car; he discovers that Callie and Jude were in an abusive foster home, and that Callie used to be hit all the time, and only had taken action because she couldn't stand seeing Jude in pain. Arriving at Callie's previous foster home, Brandon pretends to be lost. Callie sneaks out through the back door to grab Jude, but is spotted. Forcing her to get out, he nearly hits her, but Brandon interferes; the foster father takes out a gun and points it at Brandon when he shouts at him to stop touching Callie. Trying to ease the situation down, Stef and Mike arrive just in time to stop them before anyone got hurt.

Back in the van, Callie apologizes to Brandon for putting him in the situation and tells him that he didn't have to come, to which he replies, "Yes, I did."


Stef tells Brandon that his actions last night were reckless and out of character and that the situation could have ended much worse. She was going to punish him for his actions, but Lena thought he already knew the consequences and they agreed to not punish him.

In the hallway at school, Talya tells Brandon that she is surprised to see Callie after last night’s event and thought that Callie would have been moved to a different foster home or sent back to juvie. Talya asks Brandon if he wants to come over to her house because her parents are going to be out of town and he agrees.

Brandon and Callie talking.

During lunch, Brandon goes to the music room and finds Callie sitting there alone. She tells him she is trying to avoid eating in the quad area because she doesn't know who to sit with. Callie tells Brandon that he probably got out of trouble so easily because he never does anything wrong. Brandon tries to prove her wrong by saying that he has been caught stealing, but they end up laughing because he reveals that it was only a matchbox. Brandon learns that Callie’s mother died, and he tries to comfort her.

When Brandon arrives home, he finds Stef, Lena, and Mike arguing about whether or not he should be punished for his actions. Mike makes the decision to ground him for a week and he becomes really angry and refuses to listen to his estranged father. After Mike leaves, Stef and Lena argues and Lena accuses her of ganging up against her in front of Mike and also of lying. Stef tells Lena that it is difficult for her to be in the middle all the time especially if she Lena and Mike are acting like Israel and Palestine. Stef comes into Brandon’s room to tell him that his father is a good man and that he cares a lot. Brandon apologizes and says that he will call Mike. Brandon gives Callie his guitar.

Brandon helping Callie play the guitar.

The following day, Brandon breaks the news to Talya that he can’t spend the night with her because he is grounded. Brandon kind of picks up on Talya’s jealousy towards Callie and tells her that there isn’t anything to worry about but that Callie will be staying with the family for a while. Jesus tells Brandon that he has to do something special for Talya so that she knows that Brandon still likes her and doesn't feel threatened by Callie. Brandon immediately calls Talya telling her that he’s going to see her tonight by sneaking out, and that he doesn't care that he might get into more trouble.

Marianna, Callie and Jude are walking home, but Marianna is surprised to see both her mom's cars in the drive way. Stef and Lena confronts Callie about stealing Jesus's pills and selling it at school. At home, Brandon finds Callie in the backyard playing his guitar. She sarcastically tells him that she is surprised that he “wants to consult with a known drug trafficker”.  Brandon doesn't believe that Callie stole Jesus’s pills and ends up teaching Callie a few chords on the guitar. Brandon tells Callie that she just needs to keep practicing and her guitar skills will naturally come back. He sends Talya a text saying that he can’t come over because his parents are all over him, but he actually stayed to play music with Callie. 

Hostile Acts

Brandon faces the complications of living with four other siblings in the house and tells Talya that he wants more privacy. Talya says that they will not find any privacy at her house any time soon but he thinks that they can figure it out. Callie glances at them while they are kissing.

Brandon and Talya talking.

Mike takes Brandon to the batting cages for some father-son bonding. While Brandon is swinging at the incoming baseballs, he tells Mike about some of the problems at the Foster house like how Mariana and Jesus are mad that they have to share their rooms with Callie and Jude. Mike tells Brandon that if he wants to he can move in to Mike’s place, but Brandon is a bit reluctant to accept. When Brandon goes home, he tells his moms about Mike’s proposal which upsets Stef because Mike should have spoken with her first. Brandon and Stef get into a huge argument because she refuses to give him a choice in this decision which prompts him to storm out of the house. When Brandon comes home, he and Stef have clearer minds and apologize to each other. Stef also allows him to make his own decision on where to live. At school, Callie finds Brandon and asks him if he decided to move out because of her and Jude, to which he responds no. While talking with Callie, Brandon seems conflicted again with his final decision. Brandon has dinner over at Mike’s house and becomes impressed by his father’s craft skills when he finds a model navy ship that Mike built. When Brandon comes home, he finds the whole family playing a board game and tells them that he is moving in with his dad. Everyone at the table seemed upset by his decision except Talya who seemed very happy.

Brandon and Callie talking.

Callie tries to give Brandon back his guitar, but he doesn’t take it. While Brandon is packing up, Jesus comes in to tell his brother that he is going to miss him and that he doesn’t want to be stuck with a bunch a girls and Jude. Jesus also reveals to him that Mariana is the one who has been selling the pills and has been giving the money to their birth mom, Ana.

The following night, Brandon shoots some hoops to drown out his guilt about leaving his mom. After having a conversation with Stef, he goes over to Mike’s place and tells his father that he can’t move in. Brandon gets very emotional when he discovers that Mike had rented him a piano.


Mariana asks Callie to take her friend Kelsey’s place in her court for her Quinceanera and Callie agrees. Talya becomes jealous when she finds out that Callie is Brandon’s partner for the waltz. Brandon tries to comfort her but Stef picks up on the tense atmosphere between Callie and Talya. Later that night, Stef reminds Brandon that foster siblings are not allowed to be romantically involved. He tells her that he knows the rules and that “there is nothing going on between Callie and I."

Brandon and Callie at dance lessons.

During the waltz dance lesson, Callie and Brandon are slightly uncomfortable being so close to one another while Talya is glaring with jealousy at the two of them.

During the morning of the Quinceanera, Brandon finds himself enchanted by Callie’s appearance and he seems to be tongue tied while he tries to compliment her. When Talya comes in, he gives her a kiss, but most of his attention is still towards Callie. Talya indirectly tells Callie to leave Brandon alone, and she seems to agree in fear of losing the Foster family. Callie makes a last minute decision to dance with Sam rather than Brandon to make Talya happy. Brandon asks Callie if he did anything wrong to make her switch partners, and she tells him to tell his girlfriend that there is no competition. Brandon decides to dance with Callie. During the party, Brandon confronts Talya and becomes angrier when he learns that she read Callie’s private journal. He tells her that he has had enough, and they eventually break up.

Callie and Brandon talking outside.

Brandon leads Callie outside and tells her that he broke up with Talya because she was doing stupid things. Although he thinks that Talya might have thought that it was because of Callie. Callie thought that Brandon knew about Liam, but he tells her that he didn’t want to know because “I already know everything I need to know about you." Callie seemed to know where the situation was going and needed to end it before it could start and runs off. Brandon tries to catch up to her, but is disrupted by his drunken father who he decides to take home. He later looks for Callie, but only finds her heels.

The Morning After


Brandon and Callie make small talk while helping with Stef and Lena’s party. Brandon is upset that Callie invited Wyatt to come. While everyone is cleaning up after dinner, Brandon is unfazed by Wyatt’s gentlemanly act and glowers at the sight of Callie and Wyatt together. When Wyatt leaves, Brandon informs Callie that she should be cautious with Wyatt because “he is not a good guy.”

Brandon and Callie talking outside.

While Brandon is practicing on the piano, Callie calls him and tells him to come pick her and Wyatt up and he does. When they arrive home Brandon is angry that Callie and Wyatt were on a date. Brandon tells her “I don’t want you dating him… because I don’t want you dating anyone.” She tells him that their relationship can never happen because she doesn't want her brother and her to be sent away. He listens to her story about the time she and Jude were sent away for being in a relationship with a foster family’s son (later revealed to be Liam). In the hallway, Brandon rushes off when he catches Callie and Wyatt kiss. Before the family goes to the slam poet reading, Brandon is told to go get Mariana. When he sees her new enhancement, he tells her that their moms are going to kill her. At the slam poet reading, he is captivated by Garret’s performance.


The fosters saturday 14.png
Brandon has been practicing extensively for his audition staying up late at night and waking up very early in the morning. Lena comes in on Brandon practicing a beautiful piece on the piano and tells him that he is amazing and that she and Stef are proud of him. He still stresses out about the audition because this top grade instructor has rejected him for the past couple of years.

Brandon stands outside of his house waiting frantically for his dad to show up and take him to his music audition. He thinks that he will be late. When his dad shows up, he is so angry that he disregards his dad’s apology. While Brandon is waiting to go, his father keeps apologizing. During his audition, he messes up due to nerves and is allowed to restart; but his chances of studying under the instructor disappear when he faults a second time.

Mike asks Brandon how the audition went and Brandon tells his father to forget about it because he screwed up. Feeling bad for making his son late, Mike convinces the instructor to give Brandon another chance. The instructor is impressed by Brandon’s potential that he agrees to teach Brandon even though he already gave away the scholarship to someone else. The instructor’s tuition is quite expensive, but Mike tells Brandon not to worry because he will take care of it. At a bar, Mike stresses to Brandon that he will take extra shifts and another job to pay for the private teaching.

The Fallout

Brandon was eating breakfast, and Callie walked into the kitchen. Brandon wasn't talking to Callie, and she

Brandon and Callie eating breakfast.

confronted him about the issue. Callie set the record straight and explained Mariana wanted to go to Wyatt's party and got herself drunk. Brandon was slightly apologetic, and Callie was deeply offended by his assumption.  After school, Brandon asked Callie if she wanted to go home with him. She told him that she was waiting for Wyatt. Brandon walked off, and then Liam drove up and stormed out of his Jeep toward Callie. Liam grabbed her wrist with aggressive force. Liam told Callie to stay away from him and Sarah.

Brandon and Callie walking home from school.

Wyatt ran over, tackled Liam and began punching his face. Brandon pulled Wyatt off and him and Callie separated the two. Callie rebuked Wyatt for threatening Liam online and told him to go home, causing Wyatt to get mad and say that he'll stay out of Callie's way. Brandon and Callie walked home together, and Callie explained that Liam and her had a relationship while she was underage. She also explained that she had concerns that Sarah might be in a similar situation. Later that day, Brandon took Callie to her group therapy and Callie opened up vaguely about her experiences with

Brandon talking to Callie about Liam.

Liam. Sarah stormed out and Callie pursued her. Callie confronted her and Sarah yelled at Callie. Sarah explained that she would tell everyone Callie is a liar and crazy. Then, she ran off and Brandon came up to Callie. Brandon told Callie she did the right thing and tried her best. Callie then told Brandon how Liam forced himself on her sexually. 

At the end of the episode, Brandon is seen with Callie talking to Lena and Stef about Callie's previous experience at one of her previous foster homes.


Brandon at his piano practice.

While the family is eating, Brandon busies himself with his piano homework. He tells them that the piano piece playing in the background is the song that he will play for the “Grim Reaper”- music instructor. The following day, Brandon performs the song for his music teacher who is unsatisfied with Brandon’s performance. He tells Brandon that he needs to feel something when he is playing, that he shouldn't just be an automatic robot. His music instructor also gives Brandon a lecture about how Beethoven used his pain to play and compose. Brandon is doubtful that he could play like Beethoven because the pain is unfamiliar to him. At school, Talya finds Brandon and gives him their “would be anniversary present”. However, Brandon doesn't accept her gift because he doesn't want her to think that their dating again. Talya really wants him to take it but he refuses and goes to class.
Stef hears Brandon playing in his room and compliments him on his improvements; she tells him that she could really hear the difference. She reminds him to always thank his dad for these lessons and asks him how Mike is doing. Brandon confirms her suspicions when he reveals that Mike is drinking again. However, Stef is more surprised that Brandon knows about his father’s past drinking problems. Brandon tells her that he has known since the divorce. Brandon also reveals that one night Mike drove him off the road and he never told Stef because he thought that she wouldn't let him see Mike again.

During math class, the teacher leaves the room and a group of students start laughing at a video. Talya asks them what is so funny and they show the video of her drunken state from Wyatt’s party for the whole class to see. Before anymore footage is shown, Brandon severs the feed from the phone to the Smartboard while Talya rushes off embarrassed.


Brandon comes home and heats a pizza slice while Callie starts up a conversation with him about what happened with Talya. She tells him that he should consider giving Talya a break but he doesn't understand why he should do that. Callie tells him that Talya’s actions are in some ways accountable for because Talya was feeling stupid. Brandon tells Callie that Talya wouldn't have felt jealous if she believed that there wasn't anything happening between Callie and Brandon. He then asks her if there is something going on between the two of them and between her and Wyatt. But Callie doesn't divulge into the conversation any further.

Brandon and Talya walk out from an amazing time at the concert. They start talking about Brandon’s musical education with the Grim Reaper. Talya tells Brandon that he should continue playing with his music teacher even though it’s a financial burden on his father. Brandon then asks her if she wants to grab some coffee with him.


Brandon comes home from his concert and finds the house empty except for Callie. They discuss both of their nights and Callie finds out that he was with Talya and asks if she and Brandon have rekindled their relationship; but Brandon isn’t sure. Callie has a hurt expression on her face when she hears his answer. He answers a knock at the door and couple of policemen tells him that Stef has been shot. At the hospital, Brandon becomes enraged with the twins. He doesn’t understand how they could have continued to meet up with a woman who didn’t want them. He tells them that his family took them in and this is how they repay them. Callie tries to quiet Brandon’s fury while he angrily reproves his adopted siblings. The family is moved to a different waiting room and Brandon tells Lena that he knew that Mariana was in contact with her birth mom. He realizes that his bystander actions are also to blame for Stef’s current condition.
A doctor comes out and tells them that the family can see Stef now, but Callie and Mike stay behind. Lena tells the kids that Stef has a tube to help her breathe and that they shouldn’t be afraid of it. They visit a sleeping Stef and tell her that she's doing amazing. Afterwards, Lena asks Brandon to take everyone home. At home, Brandon tries to pick out some clothes for Lena when Callie comes in and helps him. She tells him that he doesn’t know what it is like to not have enough; to not have to wonder why his parents won’t love him because they always have. She understands that it is alright to be mad, but it’s not alright to be a jackass. Brandon finds Jesus and Mariana downstairs and apologizes to them and tells them that they are one family.

There’s a knock at the door and the kids are alert since it’s the middle of the night. It turns out to be Jude and he tells them that he couldn’t sleep at his friend's house because he was worried about Stef. Everyone gets some sleep. During the middle of the night, Jude wakes Callie and tells her that Stef’s situation reminds him of their mother. Callie agrees but believes Stef won’t die because the Fosters are a lucky family unlike their own. Brandon overhears their conversation.

In the morning, Brandon finds Callie making biscuits and gravy and asks her how she and Jude ended up in the foster system. She tells him that her mother died in a crash that her father caused while he was intoxicated. Since her father was charged with manslaughter and she had no other relatives; she and Jude ended up in the system. Callie reveals that she used to write her father letters but he stopped answering them. Brandon asks her if she thinks her father will take them back if he gets out of jail but she doubts it. Wyatt stops by the house with some doughnuts as Brandon and Callie are having a moment. The phone begins to ring, and Brandon answers; it's about Stef. Brandon goes to wake up the rest of the house.Back at the hospital, Wyatt tells Callie that he knows she is using him and that he is aware of her true feelings for Brandon and that she should go for it. Callie then rushes to go find Brandon. The doors fly open and Callie walks over to Brandon, prepared to reveal her feelings to him. However, she stops short when she sees Talya throw herself to comfort Brandon. After Stef’s surgery, the family is told that she will recover fine. Brandon goes to hug his dad and realizes that he has been drinking. They get into an argument and Brandon is so furious that he’s done with his father.

I Do


Brandon walks with Talya through the school halls while she asks him to go shopping with her for his moms’ wedding gift. He spots a troubled looking Callie and goes over to join her. Callie tells him that the trial will boil down to her word against Liam’s and that the decision will probably favor Liam’s case. Brandon reminds her that she deserves justice for what Liam did even if she did save Sarah.

Brandon finds Callie in her room and asks her how it went with the ADA. She tells him that it went poorly because a jury won’t believe that Liam raped her. An optimistic Brandon tries to cheer Callie up by saying that it will all work out in the end, but his comment only enrages her because nothing has ever gone her way. Callie even says that the system is so messed up that the only way she will attain justice is to lie and say that the sex was consensual.
On to the morning of the wedding, Stef and Lena ask Callie and Jude if they would like to make the Foster’s home as their permanent one. Callie asks Brandon and the twins if it is alright and they all agree with Brandon stating that “there’s enough to go around.”
Before the wedding festivities, Callie takes Brandon aside and thanks him for always believing in her. Brandon tells her that she deserves to be happy because she’s an amazing person. Callie and Brandon finally reciprocate their feelings for one another, but their intimate moment takes a turn for the worse when Jude catches them kissing. After Callie rushed off, Talya comes in to take Brandon to the pre-wedding party. Brandon witnesses his mothers’ beautiful wedding ceremony. During the family dance, Brandon tries to enjoy himself but steers clear from Callie. That night, Callie looks at Brandon one more time as he is sleeping before she runs away.

The Honeymoon

Brandon asks about Callie's whereabouts, and she is supposedly at her guitar lessons told by Jude. Brandon and Jude are later folding place mats. Brandon asks Jude if everything is alright since he caught Brandon and Callie making out. Jude resents him for saying so as he thinks he only has interest in knowing if he will inform people of the kiss. He asks him: "So what? You think you will be with my sister now?" He tells him that they can't be together as they won't adopt the siblings. Brandon replies saying that they will figure out a conclusion on the situation. Jude resents him once again claiming that Brandon is not any better than Liam. Brandon, filled with anger and confusion, tells him that he is not Liam and is nothing like Liam, and that he loves Callie. Jude walks away while Brandon is in a state of shock. The family have a family meeting discussing about Callie. Brandon is filled with guilt during the entire conversation. Brandon asks Mariana if she thinks Callie is back with Wyatt. She says that she doesn't think as she thinks they broke up a month ago. Brandon doesn't understand why Callie would take off. Mariana says that finally felt like she had a sister. Brandon is filled with guilt when he finds out that Callie has bolted again, and Jude walks away. Later, Brandon visits Jude in his Jude shared with Jesus. Brandon tells Jude that ever since Callie left, he has been hopelessly figuring out why Callie ran away. He thought that she was with Wyatt; she might still be into him. He realized that she didn't run away with Wyatt, but she ran away from him. Jude is overwhelmed at the situation, and he says that he completely screwed this up and apologizes. Jude then takes the blame for Callie running away because he called her selfish and she ruined everything for him. Brandon and Jude share a moment as Jude cries on his chest, and he comforts him saying that it isn't his fault.

House and Home

Brandon asks if they can go to court, Stef says Callie doesn’t want them there. Brandon finally shares that Callie ran away because he kissed her. Stef and Lena talk to Brandon privately about the incident. Brandon and Talya are running lines, when he decides to break up with her. She asks him if it’s because of Callie, begging him to be honest. He admits that Callie is the reason.Brandon tries to talk to Jude but the boy doesn’t want to hear what he has to say. Brandon searches the Internet to find the group home that Callie went to. Mike has a talk with Brandon about Callie, he tries to convince Brandon to forget about her. He tells Brandon that Callie wasn’t planning on being with Brandon, that she was trying to go to Indiana to stay. Brandon standing outside across the street from the home. Callie runs outside and jumps in his arms as Rita and the group home girls look on from the porch.

Things Unsaid

Lena, Mike, and Stef share with Brandon that they’ve taken a drastic step in keeping him and Callie away from one another (they’ve gotten a restraining order issued keeping Brandon apart from Callie legally). He gets angry and storms out. Mike, Stef, and Lena discuss the situation with Brandon, then Stef gets ready to head back to work for the first time since being shot. Stef tells Mike that he should be able to come to work with her, he tells her not to worry, it will work itself out. Brandon meets up with Callie during her field trip. Brandon calls his instructor to tell him he can’t take lessons anymore. He puts the money away. Cole used Callie cell phone and send Brandon a ext breaking up with him.

Family Day

Brandon was completely blindsided by Callie text. He was still trying to reach her the next day just to get an explanation. He needs to know if he did something that made her mad enough to break up to break up with her. He has no idea that Callie lost her phone and won’t be able to reach him. Brandon was allowed to come along on the trip. He promised his moms he wouldn’t try anything. He just wanted to see her. So they agreed. They knew what risks they were taking and did it anyway. Brandon had found a moment alone to talk to Callie. He was bound to do it. Brandon wanted to know why they broke up and she explained everything. How she didn’t have her phone so couldn’t have sent the message. They were interrupted before they could properly make up.


Brandon wanted announce his relationship with Callie at his grandfather’s funeral was a good idea. Callie advised him against it. Brandon found the necklace and safely returned it to Callie. He realized she would have to give up their family once he saw her with his mother. It made he accept that Callie is going to need more than just him.

Us Against The World

Brandon learns Mike has a new girlfriend, Dani. Brandon goes to great lengths to pay Mike back for piano lessons. Brandon has to get his dad’s money back and one bad decision tends to lead to another. He’s going to sell exams to the student body. He rather steal his mom’s keys to the Vice Principal Office than tell anyone he blew through Mike’s money. He knows they won’t be satisfy with an “I’m sorry”. They’re going to want him to confess what he spent it on. Brandon is on a downward spiral but is he going to take Callie with him.

Kids in the Hall

Brandon’s new friend, Vico, is the real bad influence. He took Brandon out to a bar. Then after hearing about all of his troubles with Callie, Vico offered to be his wing man. The only thing that stopped Brandon from going home with some random stranger was running into his dad’s girlfriend. The very same woman, Mike met through AA meetings. Brandon began to worry about more than himself. Brandon is scared the girlfriend might hurt his dad’s s chance at sobriety. Mike has fallen off the wagon before and he doesn’t want that to happen again. He let Vico in to use the facilities and his friend betrayed him. He went outside of their plans to make some extra money. When Brandon found out what he did he told Vico to return the items or get anonymously turned in.

Escapes and Reversals

When Brandon had heard about it through Vico, he confronted Callie. She tried to tell her to stay away from that scene and she called him out on hypocrisy. She did all of this as a test to draw him out which he obviously failed. Callie knows that he’s helping Vico sell fake IDs and that they were the ones that stole the e-readers.Brandon hates letting Callie down. So he bought all the fake IDs he helped Vico make. Not that it will help Callie much seeing as their parents have forbidden from seeing her friends but it did prove to Callie that Brandon wasn’t as much of a bad guy as she thought. He helped get the e-readers back and he stopped himself from partaking in a felony. Vico just doesn’t see it that way. Brandon got the IDs back by saying they were a bad batch. This ruined Vico’s reputation and he wasn’t ready to let the gravy train stop running. That’s why he’s getting revenge and who better to go through than Callie. He knows how much Brandon is in love with her. Brandon wanted to tell his dad everything but his father’s new girlfriend stopped him. She didn’t want him to get into trouble or so she claims. Dani gave him the money to pay back his father. This way Brandon admitted to what to steal and couldn’t. Which much less than what he did with the money. Like bribing witnesses.

Don't Let Go

Brandon thanked Dani for the money to give to his dad and he started to play the piano again.


The episode starts with Brandon and Callie at school in the music room. They talk about everything that has happened. With his parent’s adopting all of these children and his love for music coming back. Bran don at his dad’s house and his dad’s girlfriend. The girlfriend says that if he wants Callie back he needs to tell her now before that Wyatt guy takes over. The episode then shows Wyatt accepting a text from Callie and him sleeping in his car. Brandon asks Callie to dance, and they dance. Meanwhile back in the bathroom there are kids drinking alcohol illegally. The episode then swings back to Brandon and Callie who says she is tired of being judged by everyone. He agrees but it is because he is mad that she did not meet up with him the other day. They talk about being together, but she really wants a family; and, when she is adopted by Lena and Stef, technically Callie and Brandon would be brother and sister. She does not want to mess up the family dynamic by dating her foster brother. He then tells her to tell him something to make him get over her. She tells him that when she and Wyatt ran away together, that they slept together. Brandon then goes to the principal and the police to tell them that he was the one with the fake ids and alcohol because he was trying to get back at Callie. He said that he thought that they felt the same way, but obviously she did not care about him as much as he cared about her and he was hurt because of that. Stef then told the police to arrest him. After he is taken away, Callie then realizes that it was Brandon’s friend trying to get back at him through Callie. She tells him as he was getting into the police car that what she said about her and Wyatt wasn’t true. At the police station, Stef and Brandon’s dad grill Brandon about what really happened. He says he bought the fake ids and booze because he needed the money. But he realized what he was doing was wrong, so he bought them back. He said that he needed the money to pay his dad back for piano lessons, because the money he had to pay his dad went to Ana. He payed off Ana, the lady who approached Stef for ten thousand dollars, so she would change her testimony and they would not have to go to trial. This was the end of the episode.

Adoption Day

The episode opens right where we left off Brandon, Mike and Stef in the cop car discussing what the repercussions should be for Brandon’s previous actions (from the fake I.Ds to giving Ana money). Outside of the police car, Stef tells Mike about the chat she had with Ana earlier; where if Stef didn't give Ana $10,000 she would retract her statement. Upon hearing this, Mike is flabbergasted. “I could kill her.” But Stef suggests that he just stay away from both her and Brandon. She then decides that Brandon is moving out of Mike’s and coming back to live with her. End of story. At Mike’s, Brandon is seen in his room packing away when his father walks in. He says that Stef has agreed in letting him stay for one more night (so he can practice for his big audition). Brandon tries to apologize about everything to him but Mike cuts him off. He says he’s never been more disappointed in him. While Brandon is practicing his piano at Mike’s, he gets interrupted by someone knocking at the door. It’s Callie. She wants the final verdict on where they both stand; if Brandon is really and truly okay with Callie being adopted into this family. Brandon simply says he’s fine with it and that she isn’t hurting him by getting adopted. Brandon is seen sprawled in a recliner at Mike’s, beer in hand and heaps more empty ones on the coffee table. Dani comes in, sees how drunk he is (answer: very) and starts leading him to bed. After she successfully puts him in bed, he begins raving about how Callie is going to be his sister and how he still has feelings for her. Dani sits down with him and says that he’s a great guy and that Callie doesn’t know what she’s missing (the typical “you’re too good for her” speech). But that’s when things go from “casual conversation” (somewhat) to “completely out of line”. Next thing we know, Brandon has leaned in for a kiss from Dani. One things leads into another and the two well…get very intimate very fast and very inappropriately. The following morning, Brandon wakes up to the alarm that Dani previously set for him (so he wouldn’t miss his big audition). Dani is nowhere to be found. Brandon checks his Dad’s room. Mike isn’t in his bed either. But it’s then that Brandon looks at his phone and sees that he has a voice mail message from his Dad. The second he listens to it, he knows his father’s been drinking. Not knowing who else to call, he dials none other then, Dani. He asks if perhaps she could track Mike down for him.

Season 2

Things Unknown

Brandon learned that Vico had broken most of the bones in his hand.

Take Me Out

Brandon meets Lou and becomes interested in joining the band.


In the effort to get Lou to not treat him like shit, he hosts a party for the band to perform at the Fosters home while Stef and Lena are away. He ends up playing "Outlaws" with Lou backing him.

Say Something

When Lou wants the band to use Outlaws, he felt like he was betraying Callie.

Truth Be Told


The Longest Day

Brandon reveals to Mike and Stef about what happened to him with Dani.

Girls Reunited

Leaky Faucets

Someone's Little Sister

Brandon and the band perform at the fundraiser in hopes of funding a new home for Girls United.

Christmas Past

Brandon helped Callie when she and Daphne had to return her daughter Tasha to the foster family.

Over Under


Mother Nature

Light of Day

If You Only Knew

The Silence She Keeps

Now Hear This

Justify the Means

Not That Kind of Girl

The End of the Beginning

Season 3


Father's Day

Déjà Vu

More Than Words

Going South

It's My Party

Faith, Hope, Love



Brandon and Callie have sex up in a cabin near Idyllwild after he won the chance to perform in the concert hall.


Brandon was there when Callie was adopted.

First Impressions Brandon performs in the concert hall.

Mixed Messages

He started working at the Smoke House in between this episode and the previous one. He is a sounding board for Mat's complaints about his sister and later, Brandon learned how to surf with one of his co-workers. Brandon insulted Callie when he saw her wearing makeup and a red suit jacket after her photo shoot.

If and When

Under Water

Minor Offenses




The Show

Kingdom Come

Season 4

Season 5

Good Trouble

Season 1

Brandon appears in Re-Birthday as a Coche driver. He explains that with Eliza gone for the symphony, money has been tight so he's been driving. He feels uncomfortable using Eliza's money, something that he gets over with some help from Dennis. He later admits that he wants to be a driver, as he gets lonely, enjoys talking to people, and wants to make his own money. His visit allows him to reconnect with Callie and Mariana, his unique insight helping Callie.

Season 2

Brandon visits the Coterie for Christmas alongside his wife.



Callie Adams Foster

Main article: Brandon and Callie

In Consequently, Brandon and Callie's relationship was hinted as he ditched his girlfriend, Talya, who had become jealous, in order to play music with Callie. Their relationship grows stronger when Brandon becomes jealous of Wyatt. After Callie and Brandon have their first kiss in I Do, Callie runs away due to an argument she has with Jude after Jude sees them kissing. In House and Home, Brandon tells his moms that the reason Callie ran away was that he kissed her.

Stef and Lena try to convince him that it's just a phase, but he fights back by saying that he loves her. He then overhears which group home Callie is staying in and goes there to find her. Callie sees Brandon standing across the street and runs out of the house to hug him for the first time since the wedding. Throughout Callie's time at the group home, Brandon and Callie dated and met up a few times behind the family's back. However, Callie decided to focus on her own self-growth while at the group home and gave up the phone that she used to contact Brandon. They eventually break up in Padre after they realized Callie needed a family more than a boyfriend.

Since then, they formed a sibling and best-friend bond as opposed to a romantic one. This proved difficult for them, and they did have sex under the belief that Callie would never be adopted. After a difficult time contemplating what to do, Brandon told Callie that a family is what she truly needs and they put their relationship in the past. When questioned about the relationship by an adoption judge, Callie informed him that their relationship was strictly platonic. In Where the Heart Is, after five years, Brandon married Eliza Hunter. Brandon and Callie found closure with one another, acknowledging they did the right thing choosing the family over them and that they are best friends.


Talya Banks

Tumblr mo1cntSxAi1reer7qo1 1280.jpg
Main article: Brandon and Talya 

The couple was introduced in Pilot, and had been dating for some time before Callie joined the Fosters family. They broke up in Quinceañera since Talya had become jealous of Brandon and Callie's growing relationship. They reunite in Clean and get back together by Vigil since Brandon may have realized he and Callie may never be together. Although later, Brandon breaks up with Talya for a second time in the episode House and Home, much to her devastation.

Lou Chan

14784256118 469d76de3b o.jpg
Main article: Brandon and Lou

Brandon met Lou in the episode Take Me Out. He joined her band Someone's Little Sister soon after, despite her initially not thinking he was "rock 'n roll" material. As a result of joining the band, he and Lou developed a flirtatious relationship. The two started a romantic relationship in "Someone's Little Sister" and have been dating ever since. Lou tells Brandon she loves him in "The End of the Beginning". They ultimately broke up when Lou received a chance to go on tour and Brandon decided not to follow her.

Cortney Strathmore

Brandon and Courtney after their first date

They met when he and his family had gone to the restaurant she works at as a bartender. They soon begin to hang out, with her teaching him how to surf. They hung out during the day that she was doing inventory. Their first date was during her 15-minute break at work which was interrupted before they could share a kiss by her son Mason and her ex, Eddie. After he offered to watch Mason whilst she worked, she agreed. Later when she returned to take her son home and they shared a kiss.

Stef and Lena found out about the relationship in The Show. They had a fight in between Rehearsal and The Show, shown in flashback. They had sex in Kingdom Come on his birthday and he moves in with her in Safe which he admits to Eddie in Trust when he came to take Mason. In Now for Then, they host a party and during the said party, Brandon tells Mariana that he isn't a dad. He broke up her whilst in New York. Later, they hooked up but she told him they can't get back together.

Grace Mullen

Main article: Brandon and Grace
Prom 3.jpg

Brandon first met Grace in Doors and Windows at the hospital, when he finds Grace in a class with kids with autism. Brandon asks if his brother, Jesus, can join his class. He later comes by to learn more and helps Grace out with a class. In The Long Haul, they both were at the wedding for Sharon and Will, and one of Grace's scary things to do for the day was to kiss Brandon.

In Prom, Brandon finds out from Grace's mother, Susan, that Grace's leukemia had returned. Knowing this, Brandon wanted Grace to have her best night at prom. Afterward, Grace is in the hospital and started her chemotherapy. In Mother's Day, she makes Brandon her proxy instead of her mom because Grace knows her mom might make the wrong decision. Grace later died from her cancer, leaving Brandon heartbroken.

Eliza Foster

5x20 Eliza-Brandon3.jpg

They first met in Brandon's scoring program at USC. They each admired the other's work but believed the other wasn't romantically interested due to their mutual work ethic. However, after one finally asked the other out for coffee, they connected instantly and talked for hours. During their long talk, Brandon opened up to Eliza about losing his girlfriend, Grace Mullen, to which Eliza expressed her sympathies. After they walked out of the coffee shop together, Eliza and Brandon shared their first kiss, quickly becoming a couple. After a short engagement, they were married in "Where the Heart Is". They are currently traveling overseas for Eliza's work.


  • Brandon is left-handed.
  • He excels in music, particularly piano, and has shown throughout the series to be skilled in it whether it be playing an instrument or singing. He even creates instrumental piano songs based on or dedicated to his family and loved ones.
  • His favorite band is The Weepies.
  • He has been arrested once under the order of Stef, when confessing to creating false ID's when the blame was going to be cast on Callie.
  • Brandon has tried teaching Jesus and Mariana how to drive in Not That Kind of Girl.
  • According to Stef, Brandon was conceived with "a bottle of whiskey and in the back seat of Mike's car".
  • Brandon was statutory raped by Dani Kirkland, his father's then-girlfriend, while drunk and reeling from his heartbreak over Callie. He dealt with a great amount of guilt over it, including refusing to view it as sexual assault. However, he was forced to see that Dani was the adult in the situation and knew better and agrees to have her sent to prison for the crime.
  • He is the first of the main young adults to get married. He is the second one to be engaged, following Jesus who proposed to Emma Kurtzman while they were in high school.
  • Brandon is the only member of the Adams Foster family to not legally take Lena's surname of Adams.


Brandon Foster has a photo gallery.


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