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Bonnie Moss is the mother of Davia Moss. She is portrayed by Reagan Pasternak.



Physical Appearance

Throughout Series

Season 1

The Coterie

Bonnie trolls Davia on Instagram by telling her to eat more vegetables. Davia lashes out over her remark and later tells Mariana that "veglover" is her mother. She explains that even as a child, Bonnie thought Davia was to blame for the bullying and harshness she received for being overweight.

Season 2


Bonnie visits The Coterie for the second time, reigniting her conflicting relationship with Davia and Dennis.


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Season 2



  • Davia Moss: Davia's relationship with her mother is very complicated, primarily due to Bonnie's constant criticism of Davia's weight. Bonnie believes that beauty is something that can be obtained through surgeries and being skinny. She also thinks that no man will want her, or her daughter if they are overweight and aren't the picture of "beauty". Davia, however, believes in loving the body people were given and gaining self-confidence based on your pre-existing weight or looks. When Bonnie comes to visit, she often shames Davia for eating and even goes as far as to create a troll page that leaves crass comments on Davia's Instagram posts.


  • Dennis Cooper: When Davia first came to visit the Coterie, Dennis looked after Bonnie while they were both heavily intoxicated. They woke up in bed together, leading Dennis to believe he had slept with her.

Notes and Trivia

  • Bonnie has had several plastic surgeries to "retain her youthful look".



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