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If I wasn't here, I'd probably be dead now.
Becka about being at Girls United in "House and Home"

Becka is a recurring character on The Fosters and a main character on the web series spinoff, Girls United. She was first introduced in House and Home as one of the girls in Girls United.


As a young girl, Becka would be sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend while her mom was off getting high. She started doing drugs with her grandmother when she was 11.

Becka was charged for using and selling drugs, as well as assaulting a cop. Before she came to Girls United four weeks prior to House and Home, she was shooting drugs into her neck and nearly overdosed. Becka initially doesn't get along well with the other girls and struggles with her past trauma. Later though, she is shown to be making more happier and positive changes about her future. In Girls Reunited, Becka is told to be making amends with her mother and is even seriously considering going home.

However, when her mother reveals that she has a new boyfriend, whom she insists is a good guy, it causes Becka to panic. This setback brings her to attempt suicide, resulting in a house fire at Girls United. Becka was subsequently placed in rehab and seems to have since recovered.

Physical Appearance

Becka has shoulder-length dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.


Girls Reunited

After Becka's mother, Belinda, coms for a visit and tells her about her new boyfriend, Becka attempts suicide by starting a fire at Girls United, causing the house to burn down. Becka is taken to the hospital as the other girls are taken back to juvie.

Now Hear This

Becka was mentioned by Carmen Cruz to have been placed into a drug rehabilitation center.

It's My Party

Becka and the rest of the girls attend Callie's 17th birthday party, where Becka reads Callie's Tarot cards.

Appearances (7/101)

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Season 3 (1/20)

Girls United


  • Becka had a best friend whom she was very close to. However, the girl later died from a drug overdose, much to her devastation. (House and Home)
  • After being placed at Girls United, Becka was revealed to have begun self-harming. In the Girls United web series, Callie discovers this after seeing Becka's blood-stained shirts while doing the laundry and tries to convince her to get help. In Girls Reunited, Becka informed Callie that she has successfully stopped cutting herself.


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