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Anticipation is the seventeenth episode of Season 3 of Good Trouble, and the forty-eighth episode overall. It aired on August 25, 2021.


Callie receives an anonymous tip during the trial. Mariana lands a big client at work. Malika explores new feelings toward a co-worker. Davia’s physique has her slipping back into old habits, and Gael introduces Isabella to his family.


Callie looks across the court at Jamie. In The Coterie, she looks at an envelope. Davia tries on clothes and calls someone tearfully. Malika asks her friends if they get a queer vibe from Anjelica. The pair sit in a field. The Byte Club girls celebrate but without Mariana. Gael’s grandfather cheers for a wedding and a baby. Gael and Isabella hold hands.

Mariana hands lunches to the Byte Club girls, and waves at Zelda Grant as she passes. Mariana had helped her with the coffee machine earlier that day. They bond and compliment each other’s shoes. Zelda is obsessed with oat milk and Mariana is now too. With the girls, they want a meeting with Zelda, who happens to be a brand influencer. One of her clients is a skincare line called Contend, which would be perfect for Bulk Beauty. They pressure Mariana to get a meeting with Zelda, as they’ve been too afraid to approach Zelda. Though Mariana is hesitant she sees them beginning to pull away and agrees.

Malika talks with Tanya as Angelica delivers food and then leaves. Malika asks Tanya if she gets a queer vibe from Anjelica. Tanya isn’t sure and asks Malika the same question. Malika isn’t sure either as Anjelica asked her to go on a hike but she isn’t sure if it’s a date. Tanya asks if she’s open to that. Malika’s never dated a woman but wouldn’t be closed to it if the chemistry was there. She isn’t sure if it is there or not.

Gael and Jazmin sit down with their family to tell everyone that Gael is going to be a father. His mother didn’t know he had a girlfriend and his father, Hugo, remarks that he knew being bisexual was just a phase. Gael clarifies that he’s still bisexual and the mother isn’t his girlfriend. His parents are confused why she isn’t Gael’s girlfriend. His father presses that the honorable thing to do is marry the woman. Gael presses that the times are different, but his father firmly states that this family does. Gael tells them that if they can’t accept his choices then they don’t need to be involved in the baby’s life. His mother believes that every child needs two parents, but Gael assures everyone that his daughter will have two parents. His mother is touched that they’re having a girl but he clarifies that they don’t want to gender the child. Jazmin notes it wasn’t her idea but she thinks it’s very enlightening. Hugo comments to Rafael that he’s lucky he raised his kids in the “dark ages”. Rafael, Gael and Jazmin’s Grandfather, congratulates Gael and is thrilled to be a great-grandfather. Gael’s mother wants to meet the mother of her grandchild and Gael exchanges a look with Jazmin.

Kathleen, Callie, Rowan, Tony, and Tommy, watch the video. Kathleen knows they’re screwed if the jury gets to see the video - because he lied to them. Tommy was afraid to tell the truth. Kathleen can work with the truth but not the lies. Tommy admits the fight was about Katie as they were supposed to see a movie that night. When Zack texted about the party, Tommy wanted to go but Katie didn’t. She flirted with Zack to piss off Tommy and it worked. Kathleen tells him to be completely honest with her. He promises there’s nothing else but she doesn’t know if she can keep the video out.

Davia tries on new clothes and takes photographs of herself and posts them happily on Instagram. Earlier that day, she and Kelly opened a package in which Davia was given a box of clothes from a fashion company called FashionSpoke. They wanted her to model the clothes and post pictures of anything she liked. Kelly loves it so Davia is prepared to give it to her as the shirt is a medium and won’t fit her. However, the tops and dresses fit her while the jeans don’t.

Izabella is folding laundry when Gael comes to see her. He didn’t tell them about Callie to help them with life-altering information. They do want to meet Isabella. She asks how he feels about that, and he is worried about his parents respecting boundaries. Isabella emotionally says that at least his parents care. She sent her parents a copy of the ultrasound but they never responded. Her parent’s love was always conditional and she thinks it might be best if they aren’t in her life or their baby’s. He wants her to meet them but wants her to respect his boundaries which she agrees to.

Zelda meets with Mariana in the kitchen where she finds the empty bottle of oat milk having been placed back in the fridge. Mariana agrees that there is a special place in Hell for people like that. Earlier, she had finished the milk, refilled it with water, and put it back. Mariana is happy to share hers. Mariana introduces Zelda to the group as her oat milk is in their private fridge. The group stammers over their words as they try to explain BB to Zelda. Mariana intervenes and flawlessly explains the app to Zelda. She loves it and asks which brand partners they’re working with. Mariana clarifies they are in conversations with Ilia, Milk, Glow Recipe, and a few others. She asks if they know about Contend as she swears about their products. She thinks they’d be stoked about the app and wants to make an intro. The girls agree to the meeting. When Zelda is gone, the three Byte Club girls stand and do happy dances while Mariana watches from her desk. The trio work on the pitch but have the pitch covered as they didn’t need her help for it.

Callie texts Gael and learns that his parents want to meet Isabella. She wishes him good luck and takes the files to Callie. She couldn’t find any precedent to dismiss the video since it’s clear Tommy lied. Kathleen tells her that most of the people she represents as a defense lawyer will be guilty of something. Callie asks what happens if Tommy did kill Zack as the parents deserve justice. Kathleen doesn’t think that’s their concern as their job is to make sure the people they defend have due process. She finds it admirable that Callie wants to believe in the people she cares about but everyone will disappoint her at some point. Good people do bad things sometimes, but that doesn’t make them irredeemable. Even if the video does get in they will hopefully make the jury see that just because Tommy lied about the fight he isn’t a murderer.

That night at The Coterie, Mariana solemnly tells Callie that she got the girls their first brand today but they barely thanked her. She doesn’t think they’ll ever give her another chance. Callie tells her to be patient and redeem herself. Callie’s day wasn’t great either. She sees a letter on her bed and opens it. It’s an arrest record for the witness who blindsided the defense with the video. It’s for the sale of drugs and the record was expunged.

Davia arrives back at The Coterie in her new outfit and Kelly compliments her on it. David is on her Instagram looking at comments. She declines Dennis’s offer to try new food for the food truck, saying that she already ate. Kelly accepts the offer instead.

Malika and Anjelica go hiking while Malika struggles as she isn’t wearing hiking boots. The girls exchange fun banter. Malika checks her phone but Anjelica warns that reception is pretty spotty which is why she thought it would be good for her. She tells her to enjoy the beauty of nature. Malika finds it difficult as there’s always a crisis. Anjelica convinces Malika to turn her phone off for a couple of hours and they cheer happily.

At court, Judge Martinez is ready to rule when Kathleen stands to interject as new information has come to life. She believes the prosecution cut a deal with Christian Matthews to keep the video a secret until he was on the stand. Rothman objects vehemently.

Last night, Callie and Mariana theorized over who sent the records since it had to be someone at the DA’s office. They’re the only ones who would have access to an expunged record. Mariana thinks it was Jamie, as anyone else could have sent it straight to the office instead.

Now, Kathleen empties her theory to the judge; the DA’s office brokered a deal for Christian to keep the video a secret until the defense learned of it on the stand, in exchange for them getting rid of the drug dealing charge. The pair begin to argue and the judge reminds them of the severity of the charges. Kathleen needs proof but Kathleen notes that the information was anonymous. Jamie wants to address the court and Nicolette questions what he’s doing.

Malika asks Anjelica if she’s seeing anyone but Anjelica is single. She asks Malika the same and learns of the polyamorous relationship between Malika and Dyonte. She explains Tanya’s primary as it’s complicated. Anjelica is curious about her because she finds Malika intriguing. Malika thinks the feeling is mutual.

Matt calls Davia to check on her, as she wasn’t at lunch that day. She had errands to run which he understands. He wants to try the new Mexican place tomorrow but she has an appointment so he wants to see her at school instead. Davia pours coffee into her thermos which Dennis comments on. Davia’s mom comments on her photo telling her she looks great and to keep it up. Dennis offers to make her a tuna melt but she lies that she had a big lunch. Once she leaves the room Dennis looks at her Instagram and sees Bonnie’s comment. He remembers Davia’s emotional revelation over her mother’s insecurities being projected onto her.

Jamie takes the front of the court while everyone watches. Jamie notes that the allegations are a desperate low blow as they would have found the video themselves if they did their due diligence. If Kathleen can offer any proof besides anonymous allegations, the judge should allow it into evidence. Kathleen wants to ask Cristian on the stand if he made a deal. Judge Martinez agrees to allow this. Rothman doesn’t want to delay so in the interest of expediency he agrees to drop the video. The Judge accepts it but will not indulge any dirty tricks in these proceedings. The defense celebrates while Callie watches Jamie.

Davia scrolls through Instagram looking at posts made by weight-loss accounts and companies. Dennis begins to like all of her old photos.

Mrs. Martinez tells everyone that dinner will be ready soon and is happy to meet Spencer, Jazmin’s boyfriend for the first time. Hugo is grateful for the rum. Mrs. Martinez asks Isabella about her family history, learning that she is a third-generation Argentinian and doesn’t keep up with traditions. Hugo asks how her parents feel about everything so Isabella gives Gael a look. He gives her a nod so she admits that they aren’t supportive. Hugo thinks they’re probably just concerned for her, but Isabella clarifies that they don’t want her to have the baby. Hugo asks Spencer what he does for a living. He’s in the engineering business as he designs AC ducts for industrial companies.

Davia storms into Dennis’s room to confront him over spamming her Instagram with the likes of old photos. He saw her new post and it reminded him of the day he took photos for her. She knows she’s lost weight but isn’t relapsing or trying to lose weight. She isn’t wasting away either. He apologizes for causing her stress so she tells him that she doesn’t need help from anyone.

Malika thanks Anjelica for asking her to hike and Anjelica’s glad she came. They smile and Malika asks what she’s doing later and invites her to The Coterie for food or tea. Anjelica happily accepts.

Callie talks to Jamie after the court is no longer in session, asking if he still thinks he’s on the right side. He still thinks Tommy did it but she thought he was having a crisis of conscience. She remembers their talk. He has the same look on his face now but she lies that it was nothing. Kathleen asks Callie if she thinks he’s the one who slipped the arrest record to her but she isn’t sure. Kathleen notes that Callie still believes in Jamie which means she must still care about him.

Zelda introduces Rowena, the brand manager for Contend Beauty Products, to the Bulk Beauty team. The girls introduce themselves with Rowena excited to learn about the company. Claire, Gina, and Rachel pull up chairs to the table while Mariana is left alone in the corner. Zelda notices and asks if Mariana is joining them, but Mariana explains she isn’t a partner and is fine in the corner.

Kelly plays a game with Kiara and her siblings as the police arrested their mother. Kelly is happy that she is an appropriate babysitter. Malika apologizes as her phone was off but assures Kiara she came to the right place. She assures them that she’ll get their mom out of jail and they can stay with her for the night. Anjelica apologizes for making her turn off her phone and asks if she can help. Malika refuses her help as she’ll call Dyonte since the kids know him already.

Jazmine asks Gael how he thinks it’s going with Isabella and their parents. He feels guilty as he asked Isabella to respect his boundaries with his parents so she’s keeping them away which isn’t fair. Her parents cut her off so she needs parental support and doesn’t think it’s fair to ask Isabella to not form a relationship with them. Jazmin understands but warns him to be careful as their parents will take a mile from an inch. He asks how serious things are with Spencer and she laughs.

Davia zips up the jeans she couldn’t fit into the other day and looks at herself in the mirror. She begins to cry as her phone rings. She answers Matt and tells him that things aren’t okay as she needs to talk with him.

Mariana and Zelda talk in the kitchen with Zelda having heard of another female-led project doing something similar to Bulk Beauty who is looking for a project leader. She offers to put in a word with them since she doesn’t think the girls appreciate her. She doesn’t want her to sit around and let her talents be wasted. Mariana promises to think about it.

Davia talks to Matt and is honest about not having run errands today. She has an eating disorder and thought she was past this stage of her disorder. She recently lost weight and has been getting some positive comments on her body, similar to the ones she used to get when she was underweight. It triggered her old behaviors - isolating herself and lying about eating. She went through old photos and missed her underweight body. She thought she could be sick and happy but remembered how lonely and painful that felt. He holds her hand as she cries over not wanting that life again. She wanted to tell him so she could hold herself accountable because she trusts him. He thanks her for sharing that with him and regrets bringing her a cupcake with a smiley face as a gift. She laughs as it’s fine and is cute, like him. He returns the compliment that she's cute.

The Martinez and company finish dinner, with Mrs. Martinez asking if Isabella lives alone. Gael admits she’s living in his loft while he crashes with a friend. Isabella is getting a job to get her own place, but Hugo doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to be pregnant and alone. Mrs. Martinez wonders if she’ll be up all night doing feedings with no help, but Gael will figure it out with her. He holds her hand as Mrs. Martinez assures her that she will be there too. Gael leaves that up to Isabella if she’s comfortable with that. Isabella welcomes all the help while Mrs. Martinez wants to throw a baby shower. Jazmin tells them not to overwhelm Isabella, but they’re just excited the family is having a baby. Jazmin then reveals they are also having a wedding because she and Spencer are engaged. Everyone is thrilled over the announcements, especially Rafael who thinks they are blessed. Spencer then says it will only happen if Mr. Martinez gives his blessing, offering his hand. Hugo stands and agrees to give his blessing. Jazmin hugs her father and everyone shares hugs paired with happy smiles.

Davia packs up the clothing she received as Dennis watches Davia’s Instagram story about her triggers. He remembers texting Matt to tell him that he should check in on Davia. Now, Davia knows that body positivity is about knowing each body is different and loving the one you were born in. She is returning the clothes in the hopes she can return to a healthier mindset.

Gael talks to Callie about how well the meeting went as they were a family again with Jazmin’s acceptance. The baby is what they needed to bring everyone together. She's happy for him and they kiss, just as Mrs. Martinez enters unannounced. She came to give Isabella a gift and can see that Isabella isn’t there. Gael introduced his mom to Callie - his girlfriend.


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  • Joseph Piccuirro as Spencer
  • Jackie Osorio as Rowena
  • Innocent Onanovie Ekakitie as Shine
  • Alyssa Harris as Nisa

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