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If you or anybody else snaps her bra straps or mine, I will end you.
Andre in Because, Men

Andre Johnson is a minor guest character in the Freeform series, Good Trouble.

Andre is a student at Diane Hash Elementary who is part of their diversity program. He is the student of Davia Moss and his difficult school life opens her eyes to the injustices in the school system.



Andre is a smart young teenager who is witty, out-spoken, and seems to find himself in trouble often. He is defensive due to constantly being profiled at school, but learns to open up to Davia, even remarking that she is his favorite teacher.

Physical Appearance

Andre is a tall young teenager with black hair, brown eyes, and a casual sense of style. He usually wears jeans, a plain t-shirt, and jacket paired with a black backpack.

Throughout Series

Season 3

In Arraignment Day, Davia teaches class which includes Andre and Principal Solomon, who is sitting in on the class to determine if she should be recommended for another year. She poses a question but none of her students can answer it except Andre, who comments as he sits that she’s his favorite teacher.

Later that afternoon, Davia meets with Jordan who is protesting as one of the diversion students was arrested and put in juvie. Davia remembers a meeting with Andre’s mother who is enraged over the alleged infractions. She panics that the arrested student was Andre, but it’s Javier Cruz. Davia promises Andre’s mother to do what she can to make sure he doesn't get another strike. It is because of Andre that Davia joins a press conference with Jordan.

In Whoosh, Pow, Bang, Davia uses a new technique called restorative justice when Andre and a fellow student arrive in her classroom after being caught fighting. As Davia faces the four students, she proposes a "talking ball" that the students pass between one another to help communication. Things quickly get out of hand when Andre and the other three students begin throwing the ball at each other. Andre is later present at Davia's second attempt at restorative justice - bringing in Gael Martinez to teach the teens to channel their emotions through art. Andre seems particularly interested in the art by asking questions and trying to engage the other students. This earns a smile from Davia.

In Because, Men, Andre is present in Davia's class as they wait for Gael to arrive, and when he does, the girls in the class gawk over Gael's looks. Jessie and Nyah overhear that Davia and Gael live together, with Jessie remarking that someone as hot as Gael wouldn’t be hooking up with someone as “fat and basic” as Davia. Andre overhears and sees that Davia did too, standing up to Jessie by remarking that she doesn’t have any room to talk, with another boy in the class telling Jessie to find clothes that fit her. Jessie abruptly stands up mouthing back to them until Davia tells them all to stop. She becomes emotional and leaves.

The next afternoon, Davia gives the restorative justice circle another try instead of opting for the art projects. She apologizes for losing her temper as meeting aggression with aggression isn’t right. She tells Jessie she hurt her feelings as she made a judgment based on her appearance and it’s not nice to comment on how other people look. Jessie understands and apologizes. Davia turns to Andre who defends his stance as he was defending Davia, but she notes that hurting someone else to defend someone isn’t a good thing. She remembers how letting boys remarks used to lower her self-esteem in school, and Jessie admits that she gets bullied too. The teachers notice in class but because of how her clothes fit or the width of her bra strap, which the boys snap and comment on how large her breasts or butt are, the teachers call her out for inappropriate behavior which gets her a strike. After insistence from Davia, Andre apologizes just as the bell rings. Davia tells him after class that his words have power and the other boys will follow his example because he’s a leader. She wants him to use his effect to have a positive impact but he’s confused as he said sorry and leaves.

Jessie and Andre face each other at school and walk out wearing similar clothing as he wears a bra. His friends laugh at him but he tells them that it isn’t funny and if anyone snaps his bra straps or hers, he will end them. Davia watches with a smile as the friends apologize and let them through. Matt asks Davia what’s going on and she proudly says restorative justice. He knew she would be good at it but she remarks that Andre threatened to end a kid, so it’s a work in progress.

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