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We probably judge ourselves way harsher than anyone judges us.
Ana to Mariana in "Father's Day"

Ana Gutierrez-Foster is the biological mother of Jesus and Mariana Foster but abandoned them when they were young for another man and drugs, and the twins were placed into the foster care system.

Almost a decade later, Ana contacted Mariana, searching for money for drugs, manipulating and blackmailing the whole family. She was presumed to be deceased, but she was later revealed to be alive and recovering from her addictions with the help of Mike Foster. She became clean and made her amends with Jesus and Mariana for all the mistakes she made.

Ana became pregnant with a baby girl, born in 2014, whom she named Isabella Gutierrez. Ana has custody of Isabella while her father remains unknown.

After a run-in with the twins' father, Ana got drunk and ruined her sobriety. However, she continues to try and redeem her slip-ups with the help of her recent fiancé, now husband, Mike.

Ana is portrayed by Alexandra Barreto.


As a teenager, Ana was rebellious and eventually fell in with the wrong crowd, becoming a drug addict. When Ana was fifteen, she began a relationship with Gabe Duncroft, who was eighteen at the time. Her parents reported this to the authorities, which caused Gabe to be arrested for having sex with a minor. By then, however, Ana had already become pregnant with their children. Angry and hurt by her parents, Ana left home and kept her pregnancy a secret whilst living on the streets and doing drugs. She later gave birth to twins, Mariana and Jesus, whose existence she hid from her family.

Ana eventually abandoned Mariana and Jesus when they around five-years-old, causing the twins to be put in the foster system and later adopted by Stef and Lena. Ana eventually came back to town and started online chatting with Mariana before meeting her in person.

At first, all Ana seemingly cared about was the money that Mariana was willing to give her, which she used to support her drug addiction. She even blackmailed the Adams-Foster family for a steady influx of money. However, Ana eventually shows that she genuinely loves her children despite her past mistakes. With the help of Mike Foster, Ana entered rehab and overcame her addiction. She then managed to become a part of her children's lives when everyone sees her true, positive change. Ana than became pregnant with a third child, Isabella, and was eventually able to reconcile with her family. 

She soon fell in love with and married Mike.  

Physical Appearance

In seasons 1 and 2, Ana had short black hair, but has shoulder-length hair from season 3 onwards, and brown eyes.




She and Mariana are chatting online when Mariana meets Ana for the first time in years, and soon realizes Ana is using her for money.


Mariana meets up with her birth mom on the sly again and she gets a belated birthday gift, a stuffed animal.

The Fallout

Ana talking to Mariana about money.

Ana is first seen down by the beach with Mariana. She is singing an old Mexican song that Mariana used to love when she was younger. When Mariana asks her how she's doing, she replies that she has been a lot better and has been clean for a week. Ana then proceeds to telling her about this place that could help her stay that way, but that she can't afford it. When Mariana states she doesn't have anymore money, Ana asks if there is anything her moms wouldn't miss, because she could give it to her and she would sell it. She even states that they are a family and a family takes care of family.


Ana calls Mariana at her house, but Mariana says that she can't be calling her at her home or ever again. When Mariana and Jesus go to see her, Ana hugs Jesus. She seems happy to see them, but she soon says that she needs money to escape her abusive boyfriend. They tell her they don't have anymore money. Soon later, her boyfriend comes. He states that he is going to the store. Ana asks him to buy her soda but he scoffs and asks if she has money. Ana looks worried when he leaves.


Ana is seen with Jesus at a local women's shelter, while Stef and Mike are looking for Jesus at Ana's home. Ana asks Jesus to borrow money. When Jesus gives her the money, Ana, pleased and happy, hugs Jesus, and Ana. Meanwhile, at the hospital, the officers tell the family that Ana actually did not stay at the shelter, and escaped. But by the end of the episode, they got her in custody. At the hospital, as they were leaving, the kids and Lena saw Ana arrested. Lena went up to her and tells her "If you ever go near my children again, that will be the last thing you do." Ana looks worried and shocked at the same time, the twins look at her and she looks back sadly as the officer takes her away. 

Us Against The World

Ana meets up with Brandon because he wants to pays her the money Mike gave him for lessons as a bribe to get her to recant her testimony. The ploy works, and essentially saves Mike although Stef already confessed by this point.


Ana confronts Stef and reveals that her son gave her money to change the testimony for the case. And if Stef doesn’t give her $10,000 she’s going back to the police to retract her statement. Still trying to remain calm after this threat, she leans into Ana’s ear and exclaims that if Ana ever comes back, she’ll have her arrested for extorting a police officer.

Adoption Day

Stef is seen waiting for Ana outside of a halfway house. When Ana meets up with her, Stef tells Ana that she will give her the money, but not until tomorrow at a diner. Stef then tries to make it crystal clear that the second Ana takes the money, they are to never see her ever again. Stef is seen waiting at the diner for Ana, but she never shows. She goes back to the halfway house in hopes of finding Ana. But according to them, no one’s seen her. However, someone did see her yelling at a guy last night. While this is happening, we see that Dani has found Mike and he’s in pretty bad shape. Not only is he an absolute mess, he has some cuts not to mention lots of blood on him. Dani asks if he got into a fight while she’s cleaning the blood off.

Truth Be Told

Prior to this episode, Ana was presumed dead. When Dani asks for help from Stef, she decides to follow him. He unknowingly leads her to a motel. Stef, after debating what to do, ultimately decides to check out herself. When she knocks on the door, Ana answers, revealing that she is alive as previously thought.


Leaky Faucets

Someone's Little Sister

Over Under

Ana reveals in her AA meeting that she is pregnant and is hoping to do better by this child than Jesus and Mariana. Unknown to Ana, Jesus sneaked in to the meeting and overheard.

Mother Nature

Light of Day

The Silence She Keeps

Justify the Means

Not That Kind of Girl

The End of the Beginning

Ana moves into the Fosters' house, forcing Brandon to give up his bedroom. While driving with Mariana & Jesus, she ends up going into labor and on route to the hospital, they end up in a car accident.


Ana has to wear a brace given to her by the doctor after the crash.

Father's Day

Ana and Mariana go see Elena, Victor, and the rest of Ana's family for Father's Day at the grandparents' bakery.

Faith, Hope, Love

Ana is with Mariana at a Catholic church to baptize Isabella.

If and When

Minor Offenses


The Show

Kingdom Come

Appearances (37/101)

Season 1 (8/21)

Season 2 (11/21)

Season 3 (8/20)

Season 4 (6/20)

Season 5 (5/22)


  • She is the biological mother of Mariana and Jesus.
  • Ana is a drug addict at the beginning of the series but has since become clean. 
  • Ana disappears in Adoption Day and was thought to be dead. However, she appeared in Truth Be Told alive and well.
  • Ana is religious. In Faith, Hope, Love, it is shown that she was raised Catholic.
  • In Faith, Hope, Love, it is determined that Ana is suffering from postpartum depression regarding her relationship with Isabella. This was also implied to be part of the reason why she abandoned Mariana and Jesus.
  • Ana is the tenth character after Lena, Stef, Callie, Brandon, Mariana, Jesus, Jude, and Emma - to appear in all of the first four seasons. She is also the second non-regular character to do this, after Emma.
    • She is the second most frequently appearing recurring character (after Emma), mostly because she is the only character to have been recurring during the entire five seasons (Emma was only a guest character in Season 3).



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