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"Those guys? What about you? You go along with his bullshit all the time. You know being a nice guy behind his back doesn't make you a hero."
Mariana to Raj

Allies[1] is the third episode of Season 1 of Good Trouble.


Callie’s love life heats up, especially after she reaches out to an old friend for some legal advice. Mariana’s attempt to get ahead at work has surprising consequences. Gael’s sister, Jazmin, reaches out to him for help.[2]


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Charlie Bodin as Josh Mandela
  • Noshir Dalal as Amir Turani
  • Jonathan Stanley as Lawrence Griffin
  • Jeffrey Stubblefield as Michael Davidson
  • Lisagaye Tomlinson as Nia Walker
  • Kendall Joy Hall as 10-Year Old Malika
  • Cedric Joe as 11-Year Old Dom
  • Eric M. Myrick as Dylan
  • Yolanda Snowball as Social Worker
  • Sasha A. Ali as Courtroom Deputy


  • The title is a nod to the many forms of allies in this episode, including transgender, political, and work place allies.
  • The first transgender character of the series, Jazmin Martinez, appears. This makes her the third transgender character in the franchise, after Cole and Aaron Baker, and the first transgender female in the franchise.
  • Alex steals Mariana's idea for photo filters being incorporated into the app they're working on.



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