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Alice and Sumi also referred to as Salice/Swan is the romantic and friendship pairing between Alice Kwan and Sumi.


Alice and Sumi once dated and were in love. They traveled together, and Sumi was accepting of Alice's desire to stay closeted about her sexuality when it came to her parents. Because of this, they pretended to best friends when Trea and Alan visited. One day, they had a giant fight and Sumi presumed that the fight meant that they were broken up, She then hooked up with Meera Mattei, whom she met at the bar that evening. Sumi and Alice broke up shortly after but maintained their friendship despite Alice still being secretly in love with her.


The Coterie

When Sumi was out of the shower, Alice pointed out that Sumi was wearing her shirt. Sumi assumed it would be okay and asked to borrow some money before she headed to work. Alice agreed and this made the other girl happy, and they kissed quickly and briefly. Once Sumi was gone, Alice explained to Mariana that they were just best friends. They had dated, but now they were friends since they were trying to be more mature than other couples. Alice worked overtime that day to plan a massive birthday party for Sumi at the Coterie.

Sumi was over an hour late to the party which annoyed Alice, who had gone through a lot to secure a cake, decorations, alcohol, and many other items. When Sumi finally arrived at the party, Alice scurried to the kitchen to get the cake. An elated Sumi announced her engagement to Meera just as Alice was ready to bring the cake in. Heartbroken, Alice took the cake to her room and stashed away there to eat the cake on her own. Sumi later asked Alice to be her maid of honor and she accepted, even though she was still in love with Sumi.

Playing the Game

Swipe Right

Willful Blindness


Less Than

Vitamin C


First Relationship

  • Started: Before "DTLA"
  • Ended Before "DTLA"
    • Reason: The women had a fight which Sumi took as their relationship being over, and slept with Meera Mattei whom she had met at the bar the night of their fight. When Alice found out, their romantic relationship ended.


  • Started: Before "DTLA"
    • Reason: They wanted to be more mature than other couples and keep their friendship intact. Alice, however, still had romantic feelings for Sumi despite the latter being in a committed relationship.
  • "The Coterie" - Alice hosted a birthday party for Sumi, and later agreed to be her maid of honor in her wedding to Meera.
  • "Playing the Game" - The wedding planning began, and Alice helped the newly engaged couple plan.
  • "Swipe Right" - Alice agreed to go on a date with someone new.
  • Kissed: "Re-Birthday"



You know, she is my best friend. I just so happen to still be in love with her.
- Alice about her relationship with Sumi