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I live in an intentional community which for the uninitiated translates to millennial clown car. I'm the manager, so I drive the car. It's a jalopy that runs on sexual tension and bad decisions which we have plenty of.

Alice Kwan is a major character in the Freeform series, Good Trouble. She is portrayed by Sherry Cola.

Alice is the manager of The Coterie apartment complex. She is a lesbian first-generation Asian-American woman who is trying to find her voice comedically and personally.

Alice is portrayed by Sherry Cola.


Alice was born in America to Trea Kwan and Alan Kwan. They are both immigrants, making Alice and her brother the first-generation American in their family. Alice's parents are strict and traditional and often set Alice up on dates with their friends' sons. As a result, Alice made a point to not come out as a lesbian to her parents.

At some point, Alice took over The Coterie and became a manager at the apartment building. She then met Malika Williams and let her stay at The Coterie for a few months for free, on the condition that Malika would get a stable job. They later became best friends and consider each other their family.

Alice once dated Sumi, and the two were in love. However, their relationship fell apart when Sumi cheated on Alice and then left her to be with Meera Mattei. Despite their breakup, the pair remained friends despite Alice's lingering feelings for Sumi.


Alice is humble, down-to-earth, and extremely selfless. She puts everyone else's needs above her own and trusts people too much. She doesn't handle confrontation well, and instead, brushes off instances where she should stand up for herself. Alice views herself in a negative light and thinks she is a disappointment to her parents, which was why she refused to come out as a lesbian to her family.

It wasn't until Joey pointed it out that Alice realized the reason she refused to come out and her peculiar behavior was because she couldn't fully accept herself. After coming out to her parents, Alice realized they already knew and are fully supportive. This gives her the confidence to move on from her ex-girlfriend, Sumi.

Despite her positive qualities and self-proclaimed feminist attitude, Alice has no qualms putting down other women or mocking them behind their backs. This is evident in the way she treats Callie in a group chat with her friends of The Coterie; mocking and making fun of Callie while being pleasant to her face.

Physical Appearance

Alice is a pretty young woman in her mid-twenties who wears minimal to no makeup.

Throughout Series

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Season 3

In Capoeira, Mariana wakes Alice to ask her to grab some clothes from her closet, as she doesn't want to see Isabella until she can talk with Raj. Alice sneaks into Mariana’s loft to find specific clothing for Mariana, but knocks down a shoebox. Isabella seemingly sleeps through it, so as Alice goes to leave only to find Isabella standing behind her. Alice lies that she’s borrowing clothes from Mariana but Isabella cries as she would never do anything to hurt Mariana. Alice tells Mariana that Isabella’s confession at Trap Heals might not be about Raj. Isabella had confessed to Alice that she slept with a past roommates boyfriend but insists she wouldn’t do it again. Alice reminds Mariana to ask herself if Raj would cheat on her.

Callie passes the bar and the Coterie residents come out of their hiding spots to celebrate, Alice among them. Callie reveals that Kathleen asked her to quit Legal Aid and work for her, which Callie has accepted. The group toasts until Alice asks if Davia is okay and where Dennis is. Davia lies that she's fine and that Dennis is just out of town. Alice proposes having a family dinner which makes everyone realize that Malika isn’t there.

In Arraignment Day, Lindsay and Alice face-off in the Coterie bathroom when Kelly emerges fully-clothed from the shower. Alice calls dibs on the use of the material, which Lindsay objects to. They go back and forth with their comedic interpretations of the event until Sumi enters with a funnier joke. Alice asks Sumi for her opinion on who owns the joke, but Sumi refuses to get involved. She won’t come between her friend and her significant other.

At the Coterie, Alice is annoyed by her uneasiness for the comedy audition and invites a fellow resident who claims she's busy. Kelly brings Alice flowers from Malika. Alice told Lindsay that she won’t let her life or jokes be appropriated by Lindsay or Sumi, finally telling them that she’s had enough and will do her version of the Coterie jokes. She storms off though Malika follows to express her pride for Alice taking her pride back. Malika gives her a pep talk and makes her pinky promise to do her best. Kelly can’t believe that Malika used her one phone call to send Alice flowers. Alice, who had her phone off, is informed by Kelly that BLM is holding a sit-in to protest.

Alice and Kelly arrive at the sit-in along with Davia. Kelly tells Alice to do her act here instead and rallies the group to listen, and they decide to listen. Gael and Kelly help Alice onto a ledge where she is recorded by Dyonte and Gael. She gives her performance which everyone seems to love.

In the kitchen, the Coterie group is saddened over their loss when they are joined by the BLM leaders. Malika enters a few moments later as everyone claps for her return. She thanks them for their help, and the video that Gael and Dyonte made was enough for DA Hanson to drop the charges. Malika is appreciative of Alice missing her audition. Alice takes a call from Ruby who tells her that Sumi sent her a link to the live stream performance, and the judges unanimously agreed to accept Alice into the CBTV Comedy Diversity Workshop. Everyone is happy for her, though Lindsay and Sumi enter with Alice thanking Sumi for her help. Lindsay was also accepted into the program. Malika, the Coterie group, and BLM celebrate their win.

In Whoosh, Pow, Bang, Alice’s comedy group opens with the members introducing themselves; Derek, Magda, Sanjana, Stacey, Shaun, and Lindsay, all of whom are deeply successful in their respective fields. Alice is the exception to the six-person program, in which everyone realizes she isn’t as successful as the others. The program director, Scott, makes it clear he is responsible for making or breaking their careers, as the program has made many careers. He rambles about diversity but goes on to stereotype everyone based on their race or identities. His rambles make Alice visibly uncomfortable.

Alice and CBTV group meet though she doesn’t understand everything they are doing. The director reveals that only five of them will go to the showcase, with two of them going home. He tells them to bring in a character for the writers that will help inspire them to write for the actors. Once the class is dismissed everyone talks about how bad Scott is, with the group confronting Lindsay on Alice’s deal. Lindsay claims she gave Alice her first big break but she’s a total newbie, with everyone agreeing and betting that she will go home first. Alice listens from behind the curtain. When she returns to the Coterie, she sings happy birthday to Mariana alongside Davia and Gael.

Afterward, Alice brushes her teeth when Lindsay comes in prompting Alice to admit she is doubting her comedic skills after overhearing the CBTV group. Lindsay suggests not giving up just because she had a bad day. They didn’t want Alice to quit, they just didn’t want to compete with her to get into the program. Lindsay leaves so Alice tries to figure out a character for the program. She answers a facetime call from her mom.

158623 0040.jpg

The CBTCV group watches the skits that unfold, with Scott choosing Lindsay and Alice for the next skit. Lindsay opts for a country person while Alice draws inspiration from her mother, remembering a conversation with Trea the previous night. Trea is selling makeup to get a divorce since her husband chews loud, leaves glasses of water everywhere, and more. Alice does amazing with her skit, outshining even Lindsay. In the stands, Derek remarks that Alice stole the scene from Lindsay so everyone is on the chopping block now. Lindsay goes to leave when Alice stops them, praising their country's fly-fishing skit. Lindsay notes that the writers don’t think so, calling Alice lucky to have her ethnicity to fall back on.

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In Help, Scott hands out papers to the comedy group as the writers have written characters for everyone, with Alice being in three of them. Alice plays a stereotypical Asian woman in each skit - a nail salon artist who offers a “happy ending”, a crazy driver, and a woman running. The writers and Shaun find the skits hilarious but the rest of the comedy group aren’t amused. Alice is confused by the next prompt in the script that instructs her to do martial arts, though it doesn’t specify which type and the writers laugh at the question.

Alice is eating in The Coterie kitchen when Lindsay enters, prompting Alice to tell them that they were right about her falling back on her ethnicity. She feels as though she has opened a Pandora’s Box to Asian stereotypes and regrets doing her mom. Lindsay apologizes for saying that as she has every right to do the interpretation of her mom, though they can’t control how people appropriate their jokes. As non-binary or Asian comics, they do jokes about how people don’t understand them but to some people, it’s just laughing at their differences. They just have to show them that what makes them funny isn’t just what makes them different.

Lindsay and Magda have a skit where Lindsay plays a customer returning their burrito and Magda is the sassy employee. The writers and Scott find it hilarious but Alice is less receptive. Scott calls Alice next while continuing to loudly boast about Magda’s dialogue. Alice takes the stage where she thanks the writers but wanted to try out some new characters. She plays Chrysanthemum a new age woman, Obama doing an impression of Khalid, and Cardi B directing traffic. Everyone seems to enjoy the skits.

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Alice’s new characters are praised by Derek, who tells her that he doesn’t want to play a bumbling jihadist either. But they have to play along until they can get through. He asked the writers to write them a sketch together and hands her the script. Alice and Derek perform their extremely racial skit for Scott and the writers, though Lindsay is visibly annoyed. The skit ends though the comedy troupe remains unamused despite the writers being enthralled. Alice is left feeling confused, conflicted, and uncomfortable.

In Because, Men,

In Help,

In New Moon,

In Trust,

In Driver's Seat,

In She's Back,

In Knocked Down,

In Making a Metamour,

In Picks and Strikes,

In Lunar New Year,

In Opening Statements,

In Anticipation,

In Blindside,

In Closing Arguments, Margaret coaches the CBTV group while Sumi and Ruby work on the unicorn costumes. Sumi is happy that Ruby is back with Alice and learns that the pair broke up. Magda tells everyone to check their phones as someone leaked an HR email that wasn’t meant for them. The group reads the email from HR which names Alice as the recipient of the talent deal and the $70,000. Alice is confused and Magda continues to read the email which bluntly says, “it’s been a few years since an Asian has won the deal. Asian’s are hot this year. Shaun is Asian too, but also trans, which confuses things haha.” The email continues to mention Margaret Cho as a director and how that makes it best to reward another female Asian comic. Alice apologizes for how messed up it is. Lindsay isn’t surprised while Stacey believes that Alice deserves the deal. Derek doesn’t agree so Magda reminds him that the whole thing would have been called off if it wasn’t for Alice. Alice thinks they all deserve it and won’t take the deal. Lindsay tells her not to be a martyr and take the deal. Sanjana knows they can take advantage of the attention they’re getting from casting directors and agents to further their careers. Shaun wants to use them back. Alice asks Margaret for her advice and Margaret admits that offers aren’t always offered for the purest reasons but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t accept it. The group wants to do the showcase and support Alice.

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Margaret welcomes everyone to the comedy showcase and introduces them to their talented comedians. Before the show, Ruby had called a meeting with the women in charge as the comedians quit the program after learning “Asians are in this year”. Now, the comedians fill the stage. Back with Margaret, she tells them that her big breaks didn’t come from networks or studios but from friends looking out for each other. If they aren’t happy with what happened today, they should do something about it. Now, the comedy troupe is hosting their showcase at the Palace as she has friends to support them. They thank Kelly for hooking them up with the Palace Hotel. Alice performs her skit in honor of her mother and David tells their mother the skit is her and she frowns then realizes she is funny. Alice sees her family laughing. The comedy troupe takes their final bow but Margaret tells them that the comedy group has something special for Alice to cushion the blow of losing the contract and 70k. They sing her a song they wrote for her as they praise her. Alice stands after and hugs her troupe.

Alice and Sumi walk back to The Coterie as they discuss the showcase. Alice offers her a nightcap but Sumi declines. Alice admits she isn’t seeing Ruby but Sumi already knows. Alice wanted her to think that because she’s scared of Sumi because it was so hard to get over Sumi last time. It took her a long time to get her voice and stand up to people. She isn’t the same person that went on Sumi’s first date with Meera before they broke up. Sumi apologizes for doing that to Alice as she isn’t that same person either. She only wants to be the part that is still in love with Alice. Alice doesn’t want to fall into old patterns and doesn’t want to risk it. Alice thinks she and Sumi are better off as friends so Sumi emotionally agrees. They say goodnight with Alice going into her loft.



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  • Sumi - (Alice and Sumi) Alice and Sumi were in a serious romantic relationship for a few years. They traveled around the world together, with one of their trips including going to Mexico where they got drunk. Sumi was accepting of Alice's desire to stay closeted about her sexuality when it came to her parents. Because of this, they pretended to best friends when Trea and Alan visited. One night, the pair fought and Sumi presumed that the fight meant that they were broken up. She then hooked up with Meera Mattei, whom she met at the bar that evening. Alice and Sumi broke-up shortly after the cheating scandal but remained best friends despite Alice still being secretly in love with her. Despite being close friends, Alice wanted to get back together with her. In "The Coterie", Sumi announced her engagement to Meera. The couple then asked Alice to help plan her wedding to which Alice agreed, only because she didn't want to hurt Sumi's feelings. Sumi often used Alice for money, clothes, or went on non-official dates with her. Sumi even kissed her at Davia's birthday party in "Re-Birthday", but acted as if it weren't a big deal. In "Broken Arted", Sumi admits to Alice that she still loves her. In "Vitamin C", Sumi calls off her wedding to Meera Mattei in the wake of Alice's decision. Alice later admits that while she loves Sumi, it isn't a romantic love anymore. They agree to remain friends.
  • Joey Riverton -
  • Lindsay Brady -
  • Ruby -


  • Malika Williams - Malika and Alice first met when Malika was living in her car and stuck in a dead-end job. Alice let Malika stay at The Coterie for free for three months until she got back on her feet, with the contingency that Malika had to find a real job or she would have to move on. Malika began bartending at Douro, which allowed her to stable. Malika and Alice have been best friends ever since and now consider each other to be family. Malika often yanks Alice out of her co-dependent nature and encourage her to stand up for herself - particularly when it comes to Sumi, who uses often uses Alice.
  • Callie Adams Foster -

Notes and Trivia

  • Alice is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and a feminist working on not saying that she is sorry.[2]
  • In Season 1 she was closeted to her parents as a lesbian.
    • Alice finally came out to her parents in "Vitamin C". However, they were already aware of her sexuality and were merely waiting for her to tell them.
  • She works with a charity that rescues Guinea pigs and makes sure every member of The Coterie works with a charity.
  • Alice provided free toilet paper to all the residents of The Coterie until the tenants started abusing the privilege.
  • She is allergic to crab cakes.
  • Alice and Sumi once traveled to Mexico together. During the trip, Alice once became so intoxicated, that she is still convinced that a tree talked to her in Mandarin. She also ate a worm while on the same trip, as she believed it was an ayahuasca worm.
  • Alice is also the only character in both The Fosters and Good Trouble to date a non-binary character. She has dated both Joey Riverton and Lindsay Brady.


Alice [in her head]: How about you get married up your stupid little ass [out loud] A beach would probably be nice.[3]

Malika: You gotta stop letting people take advantage of you.
Alice: I have commitments...
Malika: You are not the Mother Teresa of ass wiping. You don't have to give people free toilet paper or plan Sumi's stupid wedding, OK? Sometimes you gotta break your commitments to take care of yourself, Alice.[3]


Alice Kwan has a photo gallery.


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