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Adriana Gutierrez is the biological cousin of Mariana Adams Foster and Jesus Adams Foster. She first appeared in Déjà Vu.

Adriana is portrayed by Yvette Monreal.


Not much is known about her background other than that she is the granddaughter of Victor and Elena and Ana is her aunt - making Mariana and Jesus' her biological cousin. Adriana has been working at Victor's shop for some time, expressing excitement at Mariana beginning to work there since it means having someone her age to be around. 

Physical Appearance

Being a Latina girl, Adriana has dark brown hair and eyes and dark tanned skin. She is slightly taller than Mariana. 



Sex Ed

At some point, Adriana tells Mariana that she heard Ana and Isabella are moving in with AJ and Mike.

Appearances (4/101)

Season 3 (3/20)

Season 5 (1/22)


  • While her parents haven't been mentioned yet, it is stated that Ana is her aunt. Therefore, one of Ana's brothers is Adriana's father. 



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