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The Adams Foster family is the main family in which the show "The Fosters" focuses on. They are also the main family in its spin-off series, "Good Trouble".

The family is led by wives, Stef and Lena Adams Foster. It includes their adoptive children, Jesus, Mariana, Callie, and Jude, as well as Stef's biological son, Brandon, and their foster daughter Ka'maya.


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Stef Foster first met Lena Adams when she came to visit Anchor Beach Community Charter School, in the hopes of enrolling her then five-year-old son, Brandon, in Kindergarten. Lena was the assistant vice principal at the time, and she gave Stef a tour of the campus. They instantly hit it off and became friends, although, both women liked each other as more than that. Lena was already out as a lesbian, however, Stef wasn't and was a closeted lesbian married to a man. Stef struggled with her sexuality and with leaving her husband, Mike, which strained her growing relationship with Lena.

After a while of secretly dating, Stef accepted her sexuality and divorced her alcoholic husband, Mike, and came out as a lesbian to everyone important in her life, choosing to be with Lena. After Stef's divorce, the couple had to endure a custody battle over Stef's son, Brandon. Mike was an alcoholic who didn't want to accept that Stef was a lesbian, and was in the middle of a spiral. After Stef gained custody of Brandon, the trio lived together happily for a few years.

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One day, Stef was at the police station on-duty as a beat cop, when she noticed that two five-year-old children were in the precinct alone. She asked a fellow officer why the kids were there, and he told her that their foster parents had dropped them off as they couldn't take care of them anymore. Stef approached the children and learned that they were twin siblings named Jesus and Mariana Guiterrez. She gave them some lollipops in the hopes of making them feel better and getting them to open up. Jesus was more open toward Stef, while Mariana barely looked at her and only accepted the lollipop when it was from Jesus. Stef went home after her shift and discussed fostering the children with Lena, who was reluctant at first. However, she eventually agreed for Stef's sake, though she later fell in love with the children. The couple later purchased a home together and officially adopted the twins. In 2008, when gay marriage was legalized in California, Stef and Lena married and officially became wives.

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Years later, Lena received a call regarding a foster teen, Callie Jacob, who had just been released from juvie and needed a temporary home. Lena, unable to say no to the girls' broken look, said yes and brought her back to the Adams Foster household. Callie met Stef, the twins, and Brandon, all of whom were skeptical of her. Stef and the kids disapproved of Lena bringing a teenager from juvie with a violent record into their home, but Lena explained that their home would be safer than a group house. Shortly after they brought in Callie, the women discovered that Callie had a younger brother, Jude, who was in an abusive household. They reluctantly brought both siblings into the home so they wouldn't have to be separated. Callie and Jude bonded with the other Adams Foster teens, and they formed the start of a new family.

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After a few months, Stef and Lena decided to make the foster situation more permanent, which made Callie and Jude feel more comfortable about settling in somewhere. The women then began the process of adopting them. While the road to doing so was long, surprising, and complicated, they were only able to adopt Jude. They had wanted to adopt the siblings together, but it wasn't possible due to last-minute complications. Jude initially didn't want to be adopted without Callie, but she convinced him that it was okay and told him she loved him. After Jude was officially adopted, his last name was legally changed from "Jude Jacob" to "Jude Adams Foster". Stef and Lena than began what would be the long journey of adopting Callie.

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Adopting Callie proved to be more of a struggle than anyone anticipated. This transpired after her biological father, Robert Quinn, entered the picture and requested custody after he promised to sign away his rights. The incident with Robert was eventually resolved, but the adoption was further complicated by a number of incidents, such as; Callie's former a romantic relationship with Brandon, being placed in a group home called Girls United, a leaked restraining order against Brandon from Callie that the moms put in place, and many others. Because of the legal consequences, everyone believed that Callie wasn't going to be able to be adopted by the family. Months later, to everyone's surprise, Stef and Lena were finally able to adopt Callie, making her an official member of the Adams Foster family.

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The years that followed were full of unique issues and drama, as each teenager grew up. They would graduate high school, attend college, and moved away from home. Stef and Lena sold their house in order for Lena to be eligible for the upcoming school board election. A few years later, Brandon married Eliza Hunter, which saw the introduction of the Hunter family Jim, Diane, Jamie, and Carter. Stef and Lena also fostered a new child named Corey, who would go on to live with his birth mother after several months of fostering. He remains close to the Adams Fosters. In the same year, Callie and Mariana moved from San Diego to Los Angeles to pursue their careers and life after college. In the meantime, Jesus became an architect and construction worker who builds houses in foreign countries, rekindling his relationship with Emma Kurtzman which led to an engagement, and Jude settled into UCLA. Stef and Lena pursued their careers after parenthood, including non-profit charities and Lena being elected for state assembly.

Family Members


  • Stef Adams Foster - Stef is the biological mother of Brandon, wife of Lena Adams, and the ex-wife of Mike Foster. Originally, she was a closeted lesbian married to Mike and the mother of their son, Brandon. It wasn't until she met Lena that she was able to come out as gay. Her relationship with her father was always strained due to his religious beliefs and her non-religious outlook and LGBT lifestyle. After she divorced Mike, she married Lena and they adopted Jesus, Mariana, Jude, and Callie. She is an out and proud lesbian with four adoptive children, one biological child, and one deceased unborn step-daughter. Stef is currently a detective with the San Diego Police Department, a social worker, the owner of a non-profit child welfare agency, and owner of a shelter for homeless families and abused women.
  • Lena Adams Foster -
  • Brandon Foster -
  • Jesus Adams Foster -
  • Mariana Adams Foster -
  • Callie Adams Foster - Initially a deeply troubled juvenile delinquent with an authority issue, Callie was brought into the Adams Foster family by Lena, who felt pity for the girl following her release from juvie. Her hardened exterior often clashed with the other members of her family, but she began to change when she was reunited with her younger brother Jude. She slowly allowed Stef and Lena to help her, though Callie had to learn that she wasn't expendable and overcome many obstacles in her high school years. She was eventually adopted by Stef and Lena, graduated high school, attended UCSD where she excelled in their law program, and graduated college. She would later pass the bar exam while living in LA with Mariana.
  • Jude Adams Foster -
  • Ka'maya - The younger sister of Corey, Ka'maya's Grandmother could no longer care for the four-year-old who was in danger of being placed in the foster care system. After hearing Ka'maya's story, Stef and Lena decided to open their home one last time and foster the child.
  • Francesca Adams Foster (deceased) - Francesca "Frankie" was the unborn daughter of Stef and Lena Adams Foster, having been carried biologically by Lena. Frankie was miscarried at twenty-weeks gestation after Lena developed preeclampsia due to high blood pressure.


note: this list includes biological parents of the foster children along with husbands/wives

Mike (center)

  • Mike Foster - Mike is a police officer for the San Diego Police Department and the ex-husband of Stef. Stef and Mike were married fairly young, and had one child together, Brandon. After Stef met Lena she accepted the fact that she was gay and left Mike for Lena, and took their son with her. He wasn't a part of Brandon's childhood due to his drinking problem and his inability to care for himself or Brandon. After a few years, he became sober and started to play a larger role in the family - a role which only grew. He now has a close relationship with Brandon and his siblings, as well as Stef and Lena. Mike is currently married to Ana Gutierrez Foster and is the step-father to her daughter, Isabella. Ana and Mike are also expecting another child together.
  • Ana Gutierrez Foster - Ana is the biological mother of Jesus and Mariana. While she was in high school, Ana had a relationship with an older boy when she was sixteen and he was eighteen, a relationship that her parents disapproved of. They eventually had Gabe arrested and put in jail, but Ana was already pregnant with the twins. She decided to keep the pregnancy from her family and started living on the streets. She became addicted to drugs and alcohol and did anything she could for drugs. She neglected her children deeply, which led to them being put into the foster care system. Over ten years later, Ana reconnected with Mariana and Jesus, and while their path was very tumultuous (mainly due to Ana's drug addiction) they eventually formed a version of a family bond. Ana relapsed a few times which disappointed the entire Adams Foster family each time but has since been able to stay clean. She is also the mother of Mariana and Jesus' half-sister, Isabella. She is currently married to Mike Foster and is expecting their first biological child together.
  • Gabriel Duncroft - Gabriel "Gabe" Duncroft is the biological father of Jesus Adams Foster and Mariana Adams Foster. He had a relationship with then sixteen-year-old Ana when he was eighteen, which resulted in his arrest. Unbeknownst to him, Ana was pregnant and even had the children. Gabe was a drug addict who bounced in-and-out of jail, rehabs, and many other locations. Eventually, he started working in the construction industry, which led him to meet Jesus for the first time. After a struggling start and several roadblocks, Gabe was able to form a bond with both twins, although, he is closer to Jesus. He temporarily lived in the Adams Fosters garage and shed until he was able to get his place. Gabe currently co-owns a custom treehouse building company with Jesus.
  • Eliza Foster - Born Eliza Hunter, she is a musical prodigy and highly gifted cellist, who plays in symphonies for a living. She is the only daughter of Jim and Diane, and the only sister of Jamie and Carter. While in college she met Brandon Foster, and the two instantly connected and started dating soon after their first coffee. After a few years, the pair were engaged and married in Turks in front of their friends and family. Eliza is currently the wife of Brandon and the daughter-in-law of Stef and Lena.


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