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I don't care that your son's gay. I just don't want mine to be.
Adam admitting his denial of Connor's sexuality to Lena in The End of the Beginning

Adam Stevens is Connor's father. He was first introduced in the Season 2 episode Take Me Out.

Adam is portrayed by Chris Bruno.


Adam is a character introduced in season 2A as Connor's father. He is shown to be tough and hard on his son, causing them to have a strained relationship. After seeing Jude give Connor a pat on the back during a time at the batting cages, he promptly refuses to allow Connor to spend anymore time with Jude, causing a rift in the boys' friendship. While he is okay with some people being homosexual, such as Stef and Lena, he doesn't want his own child to be. 

When Connor comes to school with a bruised eye, it is was suspected that he hit his son in the face after learning about Connor spending his seventh grade camping trip alone with Jude in a shared tent. However, Adam claimed that Connor got the bruised eye from running into a doorjamb when he tried to avoid getting spanked as a punishment. Connor supports this story. Adam is shown to be furious with Lena, who was in charge of the trip, for allowing the boys to be alone without his consent to the tent arrangment; his pressumption of Jude's sexuality makes him believe this situation to be no different than allowing a boy and girl to be alone in a tent. When Adam believes Jude's story about he and Connor sneaking in and making out with two female classmates (which is later revealed to be a lie), he is completely calm and polite after this. He even assures Connor that spankings will no longer be a punishment for him given his age.

His still active homophobia is addressed towards the season two finale when Connor gets shot (in the foot) while sneaking out with Daria, Taylor and Jude. When Adam assumes that Connor snuck out to see Daria and begins yelling at him for his careless actions, Connor comes out as gay and admits that he snuck out to see Jude, not Daria. Adam reacts by banning Jude from his son's life, even going as far as to almost pull him from school despite it meaning Connor would have to repeat the year. Lena warns Adam that his denial of his son's sexuality will only result in him being locked out from his son's life in the end.

Realizing the hurt he is causing Connor, he finally admits to Lena that while he doesn't care if her son is gay, he doesn't want his to be. He then allows Jude to see Connor alone in the hospital room. He takes a look at the two boys happily smiling upon seeing one another before closing the door behind him. Although, his internal homophobia doesn't go away completely. After hearing that people at school know about Jude and Connor's relationship, he unintentionally outs Jude to his own father, Donald Jacob. Fortunately, Donald supports Jude and tells Adam he should support Connor. After hearing this, Adam tells Connor he just wants him to be happy. In later episodes, Adam seems a little more accepting of Jude and Connor's relationship since he allows Jude to spend time with Connor at his house. However, after he walks in on Jude and Connor making out and is not pleased, Connor considers moving in with his mother instead with Jude's support.

Physical Appearance

Adam is a tall, broad man with an angry disposition and a deep voice.


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Season 2 (6/21)

Season 3 (3/20)


Not That Kind of Girl
Mr. Stevens: "What the hell were you thinking sneaking out like that? What kind of idiot breaks into somebody's house in the middle of the night? Is it about that girl? That girl Daria? Is that why you did this? Is that why you snuck out?"
Connor: "No."
Mr. Stevens: "It's not? It's not why you did this-"
Connor: "It's not, okay? I snuck out so I could see Jude, alright?!"
Mr. Stevens (pause): "What does that mean?"

Father's Day
Adam: "Hey! So the whole school knows you're gay?"
(Connor and Jude share a look as Donald realizes Jude is dating Connor)
Adam (to Jude): "Was it you? Were you the one that told everybody?"
Jude: "No!"
Connor: "No, we-I got outed."
Adam: "By whom?"
Connor: "I don't know."
Lena (to Connor): "I'm sorry. I thought your father knew."
Stef: "What does that matter, Adam?"
Adam: "Because I happen to care what people think, okay?"
Donald: "About you or your son? It seems like it's his business who knows."
Adam (gesturing to Jude): "What, you want your son getting bullied too?"
Donald: "No... I want my son to be proud of who he is." (Gesturing to Connor) "Getting bullied at home is worse than anything he's gonna face out in the world."
Adam (pause): "That's not my intention."
Connor: "I know, dad."


  • It is implied in Play that he and his wife are divorced. This is confirmed in Lucky.
  • Based on how Connor appears to spend the majority of his time with his father, even remarking how "it's just him and his dad", it is assumed that Adam has primary custody over Connor. However, Connor still has contact with his mother who lives in Los Angeles and considers moving in with her due to Adam's attitude towards his and Jude's relationship.
  • Despite his homophobia and strict parenting, Adam does care for Connor and tries to do what he thinks is best for him. Notably, when Lena told him his homophobia could cause him to lose Connor, he relented in his ban on Connor from seeing Jude. However, his attitude doesn't change much and in Lucky, Connor decides to move in with his mother who is presumably more supportive than Adam. In Klompendansen, years later, Connor tells Jude that while still hard, things are better now between him and Adam.
  • It is mentioned that Adam is a hunter, and is also very fond of baseball, something he shares with his son, Connor.


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