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You can't go around telling people that I'm trans. It's just not your story to tell. People literally get killed for being trans, so it's a really vulnerable thing to share with someone.
Aaron to Callie

Aaron Baker is a recurring character on The Fosters. He is close friends with Callie and worked with her in solving the murder case of Mrs. Johnson. Their goal was to prove that the prosecuted suspect, Kyle Snow, was innocent of the crime. Aaron dated Callie before they broke up, but have remained very close friends ever since.

Aaron is portrayed by Elliot Fletcher.


Born Allison Baker, Aaron always knew he was different growing up, but sheltered this due to his families views. His mother pressured him to do feminine things that she thought would make him happy, such as wearing dresses, joining girl scouts, and going shopping. However, Aaron was always unhappy and withdrawn. In high school, he came out to his family as a lesbian, which his family accepted. He dated Lindsay for a while and went to prom with her, however, the pairing broke up after he came out as transgender.

At the age of sixteen, he began his physical transition to become male.[1] At some point after this, he either left home or was kicked out, as he ended up in the group home known as, Girls United. While he was there, he met and befriended fellow transgender male, Cole.

When he returns to Los Angeles for his fathers birthday, it was apparent that his transition was not supported by his father. However, for his mother, it was more of an issue of letting go of her daughter while learning to understand her son's transition. His mother expressed to Callie that she felt guilty for making "Allison" do things that made him miserable, and wished that she had done things differently.

Physical Appearance

He has brown hair and brown eyes. He has pierced ears. He previously had stretched ears and usually wore plugs that looked like they were made out of wood. He is youthful and has a little bit of facial hair.


Aaron is always willing to help out someone in need, such as helping Callie to prove someone's innocence. He is very kind, he always cheers people up in times of need.



Callie meets Aaron at a coffee shop and they begin talking. Callie lies about her name and says her name is Cameron. Before Aaron leaves, Callie gets on his motorcycle with him and they go to a beach. Callie takes photographs of Aaron and says he doesn't like his picture taken but likes the ones Callie took. Aaron then kisses Callie and takes her to a former foster home of hers. Then Callie heads back home.

Now for Then

Callie reveals the truth to him and asks for his help with Kyle Snow.


Aaron brings information that could help Kyle to Callie at her home during Lena's party.


Aaron and Callie look through old case files to find something to help Kyle. Aaron reveals to Callie that he is transgender when he finds Callie destroying her senior project.

Girl Code

New York

Collateral Damage

Insult to Injury

Doors and Windows

Dirty Laundry

Appearances (23/101)

Season 4 (10/20)

Season 5 (13/22)


Callie Adams Foster

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The first time he encounters Callie at a coffee shop, they talk for an unknown amount of time, then go to the beach where Aaron kisses Callie; she appears to kiss back. They continued to hang out in Trust and grew closer to the dismay of AJ. Eventually, Callie and AJ split up, and in the episode Dirty Laundry she and Aaron become a couple. They appear to have sex for the first time at the end of Chasing Waterfalls.

Despite breaking up, they remain friends and he helps with Ximena. Callie then admits to being in love with him.


Aaron’s previous girlfriend after transitioning. They broke up prior to him meeting Callie.


After he and Callie break up, he starts dating her. He chooses to stay with her after Callie admitted to still being in love with him.



  • Aaron is a transgender male, and began his transition at the age of sixteen.
  • He was born, "Allison Baker", and considers it to be his dead name.
  • As Allison, he partook in a number of activities that his mother pushed him to do, such as, being on the swim team and being a member of the girl scouts.
  • He was in Girls United for a while when he was younger.
  • He has three noticeable tattoos:
    • An X on his left shoulder.
    • The word "Roam" spelled out on his right wrist, which is the most noticeable tattoo.
  • He drives and owns a motorcycle.
  • He had a crush on Callie and did not initially believe her when she told him she had a boyfriend.
  • He doesn't like getting his picture taken, except when Callie takes it as he likes her interpretation and vision.
  • His and Callie's relationship is the first trans-cis relationship on "The Fosters" and on Tv .
  • Elliot Fletcher, who portrays Aaron, is also transgender.



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