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You got no idea what it's like to be living down to the low expectations society has for you.
AJ to Mike in "Going South"

Anthony Joseph "AJ" Hensdale is a recurring character in The Fosters. AJ is a runaway foster teen with a complicated past. He is searching for his older brother, Ty Hensdale. He temporarily moved in with the Fosters when Mike began the process for an official license to foster children in order to legally take him in. In the episode, "Idyllwild", AJ officially became Mike's foster son and moved into Mike's apartment.

AJ is portrayed by Tom Williamson.


His mother is in an institution for the mentally ill while his father is dead. The details surrounding these incidents are not known. He and his older brother, Ty, following these events, began to live with their grandmother until she was put into a nursing home due to being diagnosed with dementia, resulting in them being put into the foster system. They both remained there all their lives.

However, Ty eventually aged out of the system while AJ remained in it. AJ tells Callie how, while in foster care, he and his brother had a "bat signal" which was a certain symbol they used to let each other know when to see each other at their usual meeting place at a park.

Physical Appearance

AJ is an African American young boy. He has an athletic build and black hair with dark eyes.


AJ has shown to have something of a hard exterior initially, due to his mistreatment in the foster system as well as being racially profiled quite often for being African American. He also has displayed, like Callie at the beginning of the series, a hesitation to trust others.

Despite this, once his guard is let down, AJ is shown to be a carefree and friendly guy, even easily accepting of the LGBT community. This is displayed when his reaction to learning about Stef and Lena is a simple "cool" response, and saying how cool it'd be to have two mothers. He also held an automatic acceptance of Cole when learning of his transgender status, even though he was surprised initially. 



AJ is first seen on the streets asking people for money. He later spots Callie walking to the drop-in center she volunteers at. Upon seeing her, AJ repeatedly asks for money from Callie and Callie refuses. AJ later calls Callie "privileged" and Callie snaps at him in return. A random man intervenes and tries to tell AJ to leave Callie alone. Callie walks away from AJ and the man while the two of them argue.

Sometime later, AJ walks into the foster drop-in center Callie volunteers at and asks for a computer to use. Callie tells AJ that the center is for foster kids only, and AJ states that he is a foster kid. She then asks for AJ's name, before showing him where the computers are.

Later at the drop-in center, AJ is seen sitting at a table drawing something. Callie approaches him, offering him some food. She then explains to him her rough backstory. In response, AJ quickly apologizes for calling her "privileged." After some persuasion from Callie, AJ shows her the picture he's been drawing. The picture is a superhero AJ and his brother Ty made up while they were separated in the foster system. They would put the symbol of the superhero on their bedroom windows and that symbol would indicate that they would meet at a specific park. Callie calls it a "bat signal." Callie then asks AJ where his brother is, and AJ doesn't respond.

A few hours later during the closing of the drop-in center, Callie talks to Rafael at the drop-in center about the Anchor Beach party she's going to later in the day, and AJ, unseen by Callie and Rafael, overhears the conversation. Callie then runs into AJ while he is trying to spend the night at the center. Thinking that he is going to get in trouble, AJ runs away from Callie. Callie runs after AJ telling him that he's not going to to get into trouble and that she can help him.

During the evening of the Anchor Beach party, AJ unexpectedly shows up to the party. Callie instantly sees him and goes to him. AJ explains to Callie that he heard Callie talking to Rafael about the party. He then tells Callie that he ran away from his foster family so that he could meet up with Ty. According to AJ, Ty aged out of the system and was living on his own. He and AJ had this plan to meet up, but Ty never showed. Because he ran away from his foster family, AJ has no place to stay for the night because AJ's foster family won't take him back once he ran away.

At night, Callie takes AJ to the drop-in center and allows AJ to spend the night there. Callie thanks AJ for giving her an idea on what to write for her independent study. The next morning, Callie returns to the drop-in center and sees that AJ is missing. AJ stole cans of spray paint overnight from the drop-in center and this leads to Callie getting fired from the drop-in center.

Father's Day

Callie and Sophia sit on the front porch of the Adams Foster's house discussing AJ. Their conversation ends when Callie receives a call from AJ through her cell phone. During the call, AJ tells Callie he was arrested and sent to a juvenile detention facility for tagging property. The officers who arrested him thought that AJ was affiliated with a gang. AJ asks Callie for her help, and Callie refuses to help him. Before Callie can hang up, AJ informs Callie of a skate park on Oceanside, and he requests for her to go check it out. Before Callie actually hangs up, she requests for AJ "to lose her number", indicating that she is still angry at him.

Callie and Sophia later go to the skate park AJ asked Callie to go to. On the wall of a building, Callie spots the symbol-also known as a "bat symbol"-that AJ and Ty use to meet up with each other.

Later, Callie brings Stef with her to visit AJ while he is at juvenile detention. Initially, AJ is reluctant for Stef's help due to her being a cop. Callie says to AJ that Stef is her foster mom and is here to help AJ. When Stef starts talking to AJ, she tries to converse to him about his brother, Ty. AJ tells her that he doesn't know where is brother is or if he is in trouble. He explains that he and Ty were planning on going to Arizona once they find each other. Ty claimed he knew someone who could get him a construction job at Arizona. AJ then tells Stef that he was going to turn himself in after he finished tagging the property. However, AJ also adds that he's harder for Ty to find once he is back in the system. All AJ wanted was for Ty to know where he was, hence the tagging. Stef wonders if maybe Ty went to Arizona by himself, but AJ immediately dismisses that as a possibility. AJ is convinced that Ty's disappearance means that something happened to him. Stef tells AJ that she will try to find information of Ty's whereabouts.

Back at the Adams Foster's house, Stef tells Mike about AJ. After looking into AJ's background information, it seems clear that AJ is a good kid. He's never been in trouble, doesn't have a record, is a good student, and always followed the rules until he ran away. Stef believes that the longer AJ stays at juvenile detention, the more likely he is to get into more trouble. She then suggests that Mike should foster AJ, much to Mike's surprise.

Sometime after the Father's Day dinner, Mike visits AJ at his juvenile detention facility. Mike explains to AJ of the family dynamics and history of the Adams Foster's family. AJ remarks at the complication of the whole situation and is nonchalant about Callie having two moms. When Mike asks AJ about his parents, AJ answers that his mom is in an institution because she is mentally ill and his dad is dead. His grandmother, Iris, raised both him and Ty. Unfortunately, AJ's grandmother is in a retirement home with dementia. Ty and AJ were placed into foster care once Iris could no longer take care of them. Mike then informs AJ that Mike ran Ty through the system and learns that Ty hasn't been arrested. There is a brief silent pause before AJ requests Mike to search if Ty is dead. AJ declares that his brother is "all he's got."

The next day, Callie arrives home and, much to her surprise, sees AJ in the family room with Stef, Lena, and Mike. Mike talks to Callie about his visit with AJ and notifies her that he has decided to foster AJ. Unfortunately, it'll take time for Mike to get his fostering license. In the meantime, AJ will be staying in the Adams Foster's house.

Déjà Vu

The entire Adams Foster's household minus Brandon, Mike, and AJ are seen eating dinner in the kitchen. Stef and Lena discuss what AJ is going to do while he is living in house. They plan on having AJ hang with Callie at school and at the drop-in center. Lena will look into AJ's high school transcript to see what classes he needs to take and will enroll him in summer school. Mike plans on hanging out with AJ in the afternoons after work. AJ is very polite throughout the entire dinner. During the dinner conversation, AJ learns about the biological son Brandon, who is notably the only one who doesn't share a room in the house. A minute later, Brandon rushes into the kitchen, and is surprised to see AJ, whom he has never met, sitting there at the table. The family tell Brandon about AJ and that Mike will be fostering him.

In the family room, Brandon questions Mike, Stef, and Lena about AJ. He is shown to be very skeptical of AJ. Mike tries to defend AJ when Brandon learns that AJ was in juvenile detention. Brandon reluctantly accepts the idea of Mike fostering AJ and gets up to leave. While Brandon is leaving, Mike quickly reminds Brandon that Brandon will be having dinner at his place.

Before everyone goes to bed, AJ is seen walking into Brandon's room. He sees Brandon's valuable Tony Gwynn baseball and picks it up. Callie catches AJ in Brandon's room and warns him that he shouldn't be there. She then accuses AJ of pretending to be polite to the family and that he doesn't appreciate what the Adams Foster's family is doing for him. She firmly believes that AJ is only staying at the house because he doesn't want to be in juvenile detention and that he plans on running away again. AJ shrugs off her accusation before Callie reminds him that she got fired from the drop-in center because of him. Knowing that Callie doesn't trust him, AJ verbally wonders why Callie didn't tell Stef and Lena about Callie getting fired because of him. Callie answers that she didn't think that Stef would bring AJ to their house. Cynically, AJ remarks that if Callie doesn't want him at her house, then maybe she should just tell Stef and Lena that he got her fired. Brandon then comes into his room, ending their conversation.

Sometime later, Lena visits AJ in his room to give him a drawing pad because Callie told her that AJ likes to draw. Lena mentions to AJ that he can use the pencils on Jesus's desk, and AJ questions if Jesus did something wrong and that is the reason they sent Jesus away. Lena replies that Jesus got a scholarship to go to a boarding school. AJ then asks if he's the first black kid Stef and Lena have ever fostered. Lena confirms that he is, and AJ tells her that not a lot of foster parents like to foster black kids. He and Ty got separated to different foster homes because the foster parents didn't want to foster two black boys at the same time. Lena informs AJ that this is not going to be the case for Stef and Lena, telling him that they are really glad he's here with them. Jude then comes into the bedroom before saying "goodnight" to AJ.

The next morning, Lena drops Callie and AJ off at Anchor Beach High school. AJ is amazed at the school Callie goes to; more notably, he is amazed that there are no gates or fences to keep students in. Callie confirms to AJ that he is free to take off whenever he likes.

At the end of class, AJ is seen packing his things into his backpack while Callie is busy talking to the teacher. AJ leaves the classroom and Callie follows him to make sure he doesn't run away. She loses him in the school hallways. However, when Mike arrives to pick up AJ from school, AJ arrives. He says he was late because he was checking out the beach. Mike and AJ decide to watch the basketball finals at Mike's apartment. Callie, much to her relief, sees Mike driving AJ away.

At dinnertime, Brandon arrives to Mike's place early and is surprised that Mike invited AJ to dinner. AJ is seen sitting on the couch watching the basketball finals. Even though he is slightly uncomfortable with AJ's presence, Brandon joins Mike and AJ to watch the game. AJ is surprised that Brandon doesn't know who is playing in the game, and Mike explains that Brandon isn't into sports. Mike then informs AJ that Brandon goes to a prestigious music camp as a composer. AJ then asks why Brandon has a Tony Gwynn baseball in his bedroom if he's not into sports. Brandon answers that the baseball was a gift from his grandfather. AJ reveals to them that he and his brother used to watch the Padres baseball games from the top of the water tower. Mike suggests that he and Brandon should take AJ to a Padres game because Mike knows someone who can get them tickets behind home plate. AJ is ecstatic at this, but then turns the conversation to Ty. He asks Mike if he's heard anything about his brother. Mike believes that Ty is alive, but Ty will be hard to find unless he commits a crime.

At nighttime, AJ and Brandon arrive to the Adams Foster's house. Callie greets them, and AJ heads upstairs. Brandon inquires Callie if she trusts AJ. She avoids answering the question by asking if Brandon trusted her when he first met her. Brandon then tells Callie that he doesn't want AJ to hurt or lead on his dad. Later, AJ is seen in Brandon's room stealing the Tony Gwynn baseball.

At school, Callie and AJ are in class. Callie keeps an eye on AJ who is sitting in a seat behind her. AJ tries to walk out of the classroom. The teacher stops him, but AJ successfully excuses himself out of the classroom because he claims he has to use the bathroom. Callie tries to excuse herself out of the classroom so that she can make sure AJ isn't running away. However, the teacher tells her that only one student at a time is allowed to leave the classroom. As a result, Callie is unable to leave the classroom.

After school, Mike arrives to Anchor Beach to pick up AJ. Callie breaks the news that AJ has ran off. Mike and Callie then go to a park that AJ and Ty used to meet each other at when they were in separate foster homes. Callie speculates that AJ thinks he will find his brother at this park. The two of them then split up to search for AJ. While searching for AJ, Callie sees AJ and Ty's "bat symbol" on a water tower on top of a building and AJ sitting on top of the building from a distance.

Callie then arrives to the top of the building where AJ is sitting, much to AJ's slight surprise. Callie tries starting a friendly conversation with AJ, but AJ doesn't reply. Callie then subtly points out that Ty will probably will not show up to meet up with AJ. AJ then retorts that Callie shouldn't care about what he does and that she doesn't want him around. Callie informs him that Mike wants AJ around. AJ bitterly replies that Mike isn't going to look for Ty because AJ thinks that Mike thinks looking for Ty is "a waste of time." Callie then informs him that Mike is currently at the park "wasting his time" looking for AJ. She then tells AJ she's been where he is and that AJ has to learn to trust someone eventually.

With Mike's permission and observation, AJ spray paints a phone number on to the water tower on top of the building. At first, AJ thinks he is spray painting Mike's phone number, but Mike tells him it is actually AJ's number. Mike then gives AJ is own cell phone so that they can keep in touch.

After Callie and AJ return home, AJ goes into Brandon's room and returns the Tony Gwynn baseball. Unfortunately for AJ, Brandon walks into his room and catches AJ returning the baseball.

More Than Words

After Brandon catches AJ returning the Tony Gwynn baseball, Brandon instantly accuses AJ of stealing the baseball, even though AJ was actually returning it. AJ denies Brandon's accusations and Callie walks into Brandon's bedroom. Callie insists for Brandon to let AJ defend himself, and AJ is firm on his stance that he was returning the baseball, which he was. Brandon doesn't believe AJ at all throughout the entire conversation. Brandon then says he's not going to let AJ mess with Mike. Callie then beckons AJ out of the bedroom so that she can talk with Brandon alone. AJ obediently leaves Brandon's bedroom. Callie and Brandon are left alone in Brandon's bedroom arguing about AJ. Brandon hates the fact that Callie is defending AJ, and Callie continues to defend AJ by saying that AJ is scared and that he is like her when she first came to the Adams Foster's house. By the end of the conversation, Callie is able to convince Brandon to just try to forget about the incident. Callie then knocks on the door to Jude and AJ's bedroom and opens the door to see AJ sitting on the bed he usually sleeps on. She informs AJ that Brandon is cool with the situation, but warns AJ he is on his own if he does anything funny the next time.

The next day, Callie, AJ, Jude, Mariana, Mat, and Connor are hanging out at the beach. AJ playfully messes with Callie for putting sand on his towel. Cole later arrives to the beach and Callie introduces Cole to everyone, including AJ. Sometime later, AJ sits next Callie and watches the conversation among Cole, Callie, Jude, and Connor about Cole's LGBTQ prom, but doesn't participate. The conversation ends and Cole takes off his shirt so that he can go swim in the water. AJ notices Cole's scars from his reassignment surgery, and he questions Callie about what happened to Cole. Callie explains to AJ that Cole is a transgender male. Much to AJ's confusion, he asks Callie if Cole's scars happened on purpose. In response, Callie defends Cole's transition and says that Cole is in a happy place. She then warns AJ not to make Cole feel weird. AJ defends himself and says he was just asking. He then jokes about Callie's feistiness before she goes into the water. Callie takes his joking lightheartedly. Later, AJ, Callie, and Cole are laying on their beach towels. Cole appears to be flirting with Callie a little before he leaves, and AJ watches the whole scene unfold. After Cole leaves, AJ teases Callie that Cole likes her romantically. He assures Callie that she is going on a "date-date". Callie doesn't believe him and tries to go back to reading her book. AJ just laughs at her dumbfounded reaction.

On the evening of the LGBT prom, AJ is seen in the family room with Lena's parents. He's there to see Cole arrive to pick Callie up for LGBTQ prom. AJ warmly greets Cole and compliments Cole's suit. After Callie comes downstairs, AJ praises on how Callie and Cole match. AJ watches the short exchange between Callie and Cole and whispers to Callie about the "nice corsage" Cole gave her. AJ then sees Jude and Connor walking downstairs in their suits for the LGBTQ prom. When Cole, Callie, Jude, and Connor take a group shot, AJ gestures for Callie to smile and show her teeth; she doesn't.

During dinnertime, AJ walks into the kitchen and is surprised to see everyone having dinner. Although, the family, the Adams grandparents in particular, insist that AJ join them for dinner. Callie and Jude then arrive for dinner from prom. AJ watches Callie's reaction to getting her own driver's license. AJ quietly asks Callie about how Callie's prom date with Cole went. Callie admits that AJ was right about Cole liking Callie as more than a friend. She then briefly explains the situation to AJ, and AJ remarks that Cole is a "cool dude." AJ then whispers to Callie that he was jealous of Callie's date with Cole.

Going South

Mike and AJ go to a nursing home to visit AJ's grandmother, Iris. AJ brings chocolate for Iris and warns Mike that Iris sometimes gets upset due to her dementia. As a result of AJ's warning, Mike decides to be in the room with AJ while he visits his grandmother. When AJ and Mike enter Iris's room, Iris initially appears to be mentally sound and happy to see AJ. She asks how long it has been since she has seen him, and AJ informs her that he hasn't seen her for two months. Unfortunately, due to her dementia, Iris can't really remember AJ all that well. She is then scared to see Mike because he is in a cop uniform and she thinks she's being arrested because of this. Mike tells her that her that he's with her grandson AJ, whom she cannot really remember, and AJ then gives her the chocolate. The rest of the visit shows Iris constantly forgetting various things due to her dementia. AJ appears to be troubled by his grandmother's erratic behavior but tries acting kind to her nonetheless. AJ promises his grandmother that he'll come back to visit her later. She thanks AJ for the flowers, even though AJ actually gave her chocolate, not flowers.

When Mike and AJ are leaving, Mike asks AJ if he's okay and comments on how hard it must be for AJ to see his grandmother with dementia. AJ replies that his brother Ty was closer to her. Mike then realizes that Ty could have visited Iris recently and decides to check the visitor's list. Ty Hensdale's name appears on the visitor's list, and the list says that Ty visited the nursing home two days ago. This sudden discovery is Mike and AJ's first lead in their search for Ty.

Mike and AJ find a card to a flower shop in Iris's flowers and assume that Ty was the one who gave Iris the flowers. They then go to that flower shop. Mike asks the florist who works there if he has seen anyone matching Ty's description. The florist at first doesn't seem to remember anyone matching Ty's description, but then AJ asks if someone bought irises recently from the shop. The florist then suddenly remembers Ty and states that "most men don't go in for irises. It's more of an old lady flower." Mike then asks if the man the florist saw, who they assume is Ty, paid with credit card. Unfortunately, the florist says that Ty paid with cash. He then says that the Ty seemed like a nice kid. AJ asks the florist if Ty seemed okay, and the florist confirms Ty did. AJ then tells the florist that the man the florist saw was his brother and that he and Mike are trying to find him. Mike questions if Ty told the florist any more information about where he was heading. The florist is unable to give Mike and AJ more information. Mike then gives the florist a card with a phone number to contact Mike in case Ty returns to the flower shop.

Outside of the flower shop, Mike tries to reassure AJ that his brother is alive and has been around. Mike is optimistic that the nursing home and the flower shop could call them and tell them that they've seen Ty. AJ suggests that Mike should be a detective, but Mike dismisses the comment saying that detective work is boring. Mike then gets a call from the police force asking for help with a possibly burglary at a house. Mike decides to bring AJ along with him to the potential house burglary, and AJ gets in the police car with Mike.

At the potential burglary, Mike tells AJ to stay in the police car while he handles the situation as a cop. Out of curiosity, AJ asks Mike what is going on at the house he stopped at, and Mike replies that he and the rest of the police don't know. From the inside of the police car, AJ watches Mike and couple of officers go into a house with their guns pulled out. There is then a crashing noise inside the house and voices of commotion. In order to get a better view of the scene, AJ leaves the car. When AJ gets in front of the house, he is immediately tackled by another officer who thinks AJ is a criminal. AJ tries telling the officer that he is with Mike, but the officer pins AJ face first to the ground and begins to handcuff him. Another officer points a gun at AJ. Before the situation escalates, Mike walks out of the house to stop the cop from unjustly arresting AJ. The cop tells Mike that AJ is an accomplice, but Mike informs the cop that AJ is his foster son; Mike also seems to be aware that the cop racially profiled AJ. The cop let's go of AJ and Mike takes the handcuffs off of AJ. After AJ is stands ups and is free of his handcuffs, Mike asks for the cop to apologize to AJ, and the cop give AJ a very quick apology. AJ is frazzled by the whole situation. He then gets yelled at by Mike for leaving the police car when he was told not to.

At Mike's apartment, Mike starts to order out for dinner and asks AJ what he wants for dinner. AJ is visibly upset about how tough his day has been. Out of the concern, Mike tries talking to AJ about it. Furious, AJ assumes that Mike is going to tell him how to talk to cops and then begins to talk down to himself. Mike tries to calm AJ down before AJ angrily yells at Mike about how poorly black men are treated by cops. Mike reminds AJ that he is not only a cop but also AJ's foster father, but AJ dismisses the comment. He believes that Mike will be unable to foster him and wonders why Mike is even trying to help him. In a raised voice, AJ tells Mike about the low expectations society has for him and is starting to believe that there might be no hope for him. Mike tries to assure AJ that he's a good person and that all he needs is someone he can count on, and Mike firmly tells AJ that AJ can count on Mike. The tense conversation ends with AJ breaking down into Mike's arms.

In the living room of the Adams Foster's house, Callie shows AJ pictures of her and Brandon's hang gliding adventure. Callie and AJ are seen laughing and enjoying each other's company. AJ then expresses his romantic interest in Callie once again, and Callie gently reminds AJ that he's her foster brother. They both decide to wait until Mike fosters AJ, so that way he technically won't be Callie's foster brother, before they consider having a romantic relationship. After Callie leaves the room, AJ's cell phone rings. When AJ answers the phone, the caller reveals himself to be Ty, AJ's missing brother. AJ is completely shocked hearing his brother's voice.

It's My Party

Everybody who is living in the Adams Foster's household, including AJ, are all eating tacos at the kitchen table. AJ is well-adjusted with the entire family and even participates in the conversation of Mariana complaining about how her siblings take too much time in the bathroom.

In backyard shed, AJ talks to Ty through his cellphone. Ty tells AJ that he got into some trouble and that is why he didn't meet up with AJ. When Brandon enters the shed to get some table and chairs for Callie's birthday party, AJ hastily ends the conversation and helps Brandon set up for Callie's party. Brandon is instantly suspicious of AJ. He asks AJ where he got the phone, and AJ answers honestly that he got the phone from Mike. Brandon then asks who AJ was talking to as well. However, AJ lies and says he was talking to Mike when really he was talking to Ty. The brief conversation ends with AJ leaving the shed with the card table for Callie's party.

Later, AJ is seen with the other party guests at Callie's surprise birthday party. He knew about the surprise party, unlike Mariana. During the party, Brandon is worried about AJ possibly talking to his brother and turning on Mike. Brandon warns Mike of this, but Mike dismisses Brandon's concerns. Sophia and Brandon later plot to take AJ's cell phone so that they can prove AJ was talking to his brother Ty without telling Mike. They watch AJ from inside the house through the kitchen window as AJ enjoys the party and is seen talking to Kiara.

In the backyard, the members of Girls United are then seen giving Callie a tarot card reading, and AJ watches. Callie's tarot card reading gets both romance and downfall.

Sometime later, Sophia and Brandon are discussing how they can get to AJ's phone. They see his phone in his pocket but have no way of getting to it without looking suspicious. AJ, in the meantime, is oblivious to Sophia and Brandon watching him and is chatting with Daphne.

In another scene, Raphael and Rita are seen talking about Callie and why she got fired from the drop-in center. Raphael explains how AJ got Callie fired, and they see AJ walking through the party with dishes. AJ then walks up to Mike while Mike is grilling and gives Mike the dishes. Mike then asks AJ if he would let him know if Ty calls. AJ confirms he'd let Mike know.

Back in the kitchen, Brandon and Sophia watch AJ enjoying the party and dancing with Kiara. They debate some more about how they are going to get to AJ's phone. However, they then see AJ's phone charging on the kitchen counter. Sometime later, AJ happily walks into the kitchen before noticing that his phone is missing from the kitchen counter. Meanwhile, Sophia and Brandon hide in the backyard shed and are looking through AJ's call records. They notice that all of AJ's call records have been deleted.

In the backyard in the middle of the party, AJ confronts Brandon about where his phone is. At first Brandon denies never seeing AJ's phone. Although, AJ's cellphone then rings from Brandon's pocket which indicates Brandon has AJ's phone. AJ asks for Brandon to give him back his phone. In retaliation, Brandon questions who is calling AJ. Brandon then answers the call from AJ's phone, and AJ snatches his cellphone from Brandon's hands. After this, Brandon shoves AJ and starts a fight with him. A few people, including Stef and Mike, break up the fight. AJ accuses Brandon of stealing his phone. Brandon defends himself by saying that AJ freaked out because he answered his phone. Stef is furious and wonders why Brandon was answering AJ's phone in the first place. In response, Brandon accuses of AJ of talking to his brother or someone AJ doesn't want Mike knowing about through his cellphone. Mike asks AJ to give him his cellphone, and AJ does so. Mike then calls the last number that called AJ and tells the caller to not call the number again. He then tells everyone that the caller was someone who saw AJ's number on the water tower. Furious, Mike yells at Brandon to mind his own business. Stef, Lena, and AJ quietly watch the entire scene unfold. Callie then approaches a dejected AJ who is leaning against the wall of the house. She then asks how AJ is doing. Upset, AJ replies that Brandon doesn't want him at the Adam Foster's house and doesn't like him. Callie apologizes for Brandon's actions. Mike is then seen sitting alone and Stef approaches him. She tells Mike that he shouldn't pay attention to AJ at Brandon's expense.

In Brandon's bedroom, Mike and Brandon talk about AJ and Brandon's past actions. Mike explains to Brandon why he is helping AJ and Brandon complains to Mike about Mike is not paying enough attention to him, his own biological.

Later, AJ is sitting on the family room couch eating cake. Mike approaches him, and AJ ignores Mike at first. Mike gives AJ back his cellphone. Hesitantly, AJ admits the he was talking to Ty through his cellphone. Mike informs AJ that if AJ decides to run off, even though Mike hopes he doesn't, then Mike won't try to stop him. Mike expresses he is happy that AJ is now in touch with Ty and requests for AJ to him in the loop.

Near the end of the party, AJ is seen with Callie and everyone else jumping in the bouncy house. Everyone is seen having fun. When Callie is alone in the bouncy house, AJ goes to Callie and gives her his birthday present to her. His birthday present is a homemade drawing of Callie as a super hero, "Super Callie." Callie jokes about the name "Super Callie" with AJ. AJ then quickly kisses Callie before apologizing. He explains that he knows nothing is going to happen between him and Callie while they are "under the same roof." Callie points out that she and AJ are technically not under a roof because they are outside in bouncy house. She then kisses AJ. Stef then arrives into the kitchen eating cake. She sees from the kitchen window Callie and AJ kissing and doesn't look happy about it.

Faith, Hope, Love




Near the end of the episode, AJ and Mike attend Callie's court hearing for her adoption. AJ then happily celebrates with the rest of the Adams-Foster's family when Callie is finally adopted.

First Impressions

If and When

Minor Offenses



Kingdom Come

Appearances (35/101)

Season 3 (16/20)

Season 4 (14/20)

Season 5 (5/22)


  • He and his brother had a "bat signal" when in foster homes that they would stick on their windows to indicate to meet up at the park.
  • AJ used to live with his grandmother until she was diagnosed with dementia. He tries to visit her often despite her sometimes not knowing who he is. 
  • He has shown a talent for artwork. He specifically enjoys drawing superheroes.
  • He is a good person put in bad circumstances, and as a result, sometimes has to do bad things.
  • As soon as he is introduced in the show, he becomes the most frequently appearing recurring character in Season 3, appearing in more episodes than three main characters (Jude, Mike and Jesus), and the second in Season 4 (behind Emma), appearing in the same number of episodes as Mike. In Season 5, his role becomes less important due to his break-up with Callie, and many other recurring characters appear in more episodes than him.


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"I got all the time in the world"-to Callie (Season 3 Episode 5 "Going South")



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